9 Mind, Body and Spirit Books You Must Read!

The dark months of the year typically give us time to go within, be still and contemplate our lives and our place in the world. Check out this list of brand-new mind, body and spirit books you must read while on your spiritual journey. They make perfect Christmas gifts!

1. The Holistic Guide to Your Health & Wellbeing Today

A Step-By-Step Guide to The Relationship Between Your Physical, Mental, Energetic & Emotional Health by Oliver Rolfe

Have you ever wanted to improve your complete health, both inside and out, and did not know where to start?

A decade ago, my life changed forever. Now, using my personal experiences, professional knowledge and scientific studies, this book guides you through the minefield of information available to you and highlights the key aspects that assist complete and holistic health across our four core bodily systems – the physical, mental, energetic and emotional.

The Holistic Guide covers everything from how to improve your immune system, nutritional guidance, mental health, the chakra system, numerology, emotional intelligence, advanced body language, deep breathing, meditation and more.

Working with psychologist David Moxon, international numerologist Ann Perry, Darren Rolfe from the addiction rehabilitation centre Steps Together and international medium and healer Sara Leslie, we have created a complete guide for your holistic health. Take Action Today!

Buy the book here: Amazon UK; Other bookstores

2. The Kybalion: The Three Initiates by Lucas Fernando Sosa

As a modern version of one of the greatest classics of esoteric literature, this book is rich in symbolism with a narrative and visual manifestation that will mesmerise the reader. Simultaneously simple and complex, this work will help open wide the door of knowledge.

Each chapter is accompanied by an image whose graphic, enigmatic, and archetypal form artistically represents the infinite wisdom that the work possesses. These optical illusions give the reader a better visualization of the universe and how immensely infinite it is, in addition to how imperceptible it may be in the eyes of the human being…

Buy the book here: Amazon UK; Other bookstores

3. Silver Butterfly Wings: Signs from the Other Side offering comfort and hope after death of a loved one by Wendy Willow

Silver Butterfly Wings is my story. It’s a story of transformation, of the many paths and decisions I faced while going through the process of grief. My husband had died, and I was utterly shattered; could not imagine a life without him. Then signs from the other side appeared, filling me with hope: flickering lights, hawks flying overhead, our song on the radio, a butterfly’s silvery wings, a hot spot on his side of the bed. At first I was sceptical. How could my dearly departed be sending signs and messages from across the veil? Over time I learned to trust these signs, these gifts from Spirit. There was a reason I was still here. I was meant to go on, to live my life with passion. I was to figure out who I was becoming in this totally different world and trust that life was taking me where I was meant to be. In short, I was to transform – like a butterfly.

Buy the book here: Amazon UK; Other bookstores

4. Simply Be More: Time preserved wisdom through fresh eyes by Clare Antonia Langan

Simply Be More is a collection of beautiful, inspiring and soothing sketches using animals and nature to illustrate time-preserved wisdom.

Life isn’t determined by where we have come from; it is where we are going that is important. Clare Langan has lived it – and rather than talked about it, has written it and now drawn it, too.

Clare Langan is an international flautist who has taken her communication skills as a performer to diverse audiences worldwide. She has pursued her passion for music her entire life but had an incessant calling to write a book. Covid 19 afforded her the time to complete ‘Living Each Day the Fortune Cookie Way’ and from that book sprang the idea of ‘Be More’. Clare lives in Bury St Edmunds, UK.

Buy the book here: Amazon UK; Other bookstores

5. To Sing with Bards and Angels: A Journey into the Creative Heart by Iona Jenkins

To Sing with Bards and Angels is an invitation to travel through landscapes evoked by beautiful language, into the heart of nature and imagination.

Step into the magic of a creative spiritual journey through the descriptive voice of a contemporary Bard, as she shares her quest to live and work in harmony with the Creative Spirit, writing her way into being, turning her life into poetry and story.

With help from an angel and a full moon shining on the ocean, Iona Jenkins blends this potion of inspiration from a treasury of memories, her love of wisdom, sacred places, native landscapes, legends, the arts and nature, all served in a cup of creative possibility for those aspiring to live with wisdom and soul as spiritual artists. A few sprinklings of practical suggestions, optional meditations and tasks are added to help readers discover inspiration flowing through the unique song of their own lives.

Buy the book here: Amazon UK; Other bookstores

6. The Ultimate Book on Vocal Sound Healing by Githa Ben-David

The concept of The Ultimate Book on Vocal Sound Healing is The Note from Heaven – a condition of bliss, where time disappears and the voice seems to sing you, rather than you sing the voice. The experience of surrendering to The Note from Heaven is overwhelming and leads the singer into a state of Oneness, where present, past and future merge together and energetic patterns and traumas can be transformed, and profound healings happen. Book I: The Note from Heaven – How to sing yourself into contact with Oneness. Book II: Regressive Cell-Singing – How to sing yourself free of traumas and change emotional programming. Book III: Sound Healing – How to sound-scan a fellow being with your voice, plus a Q&A with members from the White Brotherhood.

Buy the book here: Amazon UK; Other bookstores

7. The Way of Reiki – The Inner Teachings of Mikao Usui by Frans Stiene

The Way of Reiki guides us on the path to becoming a better human being, softening our anger and worry so that we can live in a world of compassion and kindness. It is a must read for any Reiki practitioner or teacher who wants to bring more love into their practice, teachings and the world.

“This book is a masterpiece. Frans Stiene has brilliantly synthesized with clarity and simplicity the essence of the system of Reiki as a path of self-cultivation (shugyo) toward self-realization. The content conveys a depth of understanding of Reiki in the context of Japanese culture, arts, philosophy and religions as a whole in a style that is engaging and illuminating. This is the kind of book one can read many times and still find deep insights into the nature of life, the universe, and being human.” ~ Veronique Frede, Reiki teacher at the Japanese Culture Center in Chicago

Bestselling author Frans Stiene has been a major influence on global research into the system of Reiki since the early 2000s. His practical understanding of the Japanese influences on the system has allowed students around the world to connect deeply with this practise. He lives in Haarlem, Netherlands.

Buy the book here: Amazon UK; Other bookstores

8. WhatsApps from Heaven Bereavement in the Twenty-first Century by Louise Hamlin

This is a book about bereavement and about the many extraordinary happenings and signs from the afterlife that then followed. Louise talks about her personal experience of grief, in all its facets, and in a way that will resonate with readers who are bereaved. She also details, in careful and precise language, the succession of signs that she received, apparently from her husband after his death. She describes how to start with she was very sceptical and looked for all sorts of other explanations, but eventually, she came to accept that the signs, including WhatsApps and dematerialisations, must have come from her husband’s spirit in the afterlife. She explains how these signs have completely changed her understanding of life and death. This book should bring comfort to the bereaved and will encourage those left behind to recognise signs that are sent to them by their loved ones.

“An inspiring and comforting book – it’s beautiful! Wonderful.” ~ Theresa Cheung

Buy the book here: Amazon UK; Other bookstores

9. Who is in? Beyond Self-image by Avikal E. Costantino

Who is in? is for all spiritual seekers who encounter the basic questions of identity: Who am I?, Who is in? or What is the nature of I? Using the Zen Buddhist koan – a paradox to be meditated upon – ‘Who is in’ as a door to discovering the true self and pure subjectivity, this book provides examples and understandings, techniques and invitations to experiment with self-inquiry.

Avikal E. Costantino is a mystic, poet and martial artist. Curiosity, passion and love for the truth guide his life and teaching. He is founder and director of the Integral Being Institute. He lives in Bondi, Australia.

Buy the book here: Amazon UK; Other bookstores

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