Exclusive Halloween Collection Available at English Heritage

Still stuck for ideas this Halloween? At English Heritage Shop we have you covered with our Exclusive Halloween Collection. Shop a range of books, toys, games, collectables and more.

Shop the exclusive Halloween collection here.

10 Top Picks from the Halloween Collection

  1. Beano The Bogeyman of Bunkerton Castle. Dennis and Gnasher are back for a spooky adventure this Halloween! Our Price £6.99 – Shop now.
  2. Cards Scary Bingo. In this fun kids’ edition play bingo with a menacing mummy, a bowler-hat wearing yeti, a multi-eyed monster and many more creepy creatures in this fun and inventive take on the classic game…if you dare. Our Price £16.99 – Shop now.
  3. Cuddly Squeaking Rat. This realistically detailed and super-soft toy Rat is a wonderful gift for children who love these little critters. Our Price £12.00 – Shop now.
  4. Beano Ultimate Comic Collection. Join Dennis, Minnie and the Bash Street Kids in this collection for the ages. Our Price £12.99 – Shop now.
  5. Valiant Knight Costume. Prepare for battle with this Valiant Knight dress up costume. The costume has an embossed panelled tunic, chainmail effect headpiece and trousers with attached boot covers to create the look of a bold, brave knight. Our Price £25.00 – Shop now.
  6. Green And Gold Princess Dress. A dress fit for a royal princess. Complete with head piece and flared sleeves, this green and gold dress is perfect for any child who dreams of fairy tales and castles. Our Price £20.00 – Shop now.
  7. Ride-On Dragon. This mystical ride on dragon makes for a great fun battle with any knight with its blue scale like fabric, shiny black horns and fierce teeth it can be easily worn over any outfit with easy adjustable straps and Velcro fastening. Our Price £43.00 – Shop now.
  8. Soft Toy: Raven. Take flight and touch the sky with a new raven companion at your side! Not only is this beautiful soft toy ideal for adventurous children who love to play and embrace their huge imaginations, it is also surprisingly soft and perfect to snuggle down to sleep with. Our Price £14.00 – Shop now.
  9. Sparkle Bat Necklace – Tatty Devine. Add a pop of colour to your outfit with this Sparkle Bat Necklace by British designers, Tatty Devine. Our Price £15.00 – Shop now.
  10. Dark Fang Bat Goblet. The Dark Fang Bat Goblet has two bats spreading their wings on the body of goblet, with a variety of gothic and Celtic symbols surrounding them. Our Price £18.50 – Shop now.

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