Relish Your Retirement’: New book sparkles with ideas helping women delight in their retirement

Relish Your Retirement: Illuminating new book sparkles with ideas for women to feel good and delight in retirement’s newfound freedom

About the Book

A gamechanger of a read for those women about to embrace what is often perceived as a daunting phase in their lives, Florance Philip’s Relish Your Retirement fizzes with positivity and an incredible 501 ideas on how to make the most of retirement, without spending a fortune.

Friendly, practical and insightful, the author also helpfully shares the five stages of retirement and how to get your head around you new life circumstances when you’re finding it difficult to cope with being less productive or feel a loss of identity when detached from the workforce.

Bursting with joie de vivre and giving credence to the saying, forearmed is forewarned, this standout book provides a valuable and effective blueprint on how to embrace all the freedom that retirement offers and most importantly, how to make it work for you.

In this book, you’ll discover how to get the best out of life in your retirement years –

✔ Why retirement will be the best chapter of your life

✔ The 5 stages of retirement you should be aware of — which phase are you in now?

✔ Unique, Simple, Unusual and Fun things to do without blowing through your savings

✔ How to improve and maintain Emotional and Physical well-being in your golden years

✔ Nurturing Your Relationships and Deepening Bonds

✔ Fun ways to keep your Creative Juices Flowing

✔ Simple and Enjoyable Activities for Ladies with Limited Mobility

✔ Cheerful and Indulgent Ideas for Foodies

✔ Delightful ways to Get Outdoors and Enjoy Nature.

✔A beautiful chapter on how you can give back to your community and fellow beings.

✔ A free bonus that you’re sure to enjoy.

✔ Insightful Activities and Journaling at the end of each chapter that you do not want to miss.

And much, much more – about Relishing Your Retirement.

Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, you will indeed find something you enjoy with these 501 ideas that cover various activities from indoor to outdoor, from arts to food, from relaxing to merrymaking, and from traveling to snuggling at home. You will find something you’ll love and make you smile!

It’s time to get excited about your retirement… because it’s about to be amazing!

Buy the Book Here.

About the Author

Writing under a pen name, Florance Philips says: ““Earlier this year I had some pretty bad health scares which left a deep wound, due to which I was mostly stuck with bed rest. Kids would go to school every morning and hubby off to work. It was a time of a lot of pain and feeling low. One such day, I was browsing my laptop and happened to stumble across a spreadsheet of my bucket list which I had for a long time, and reading that list took me back to a time couple of years ago when my mum retired. She was happy about retiring but also worried about what life will be like going forward and how to spend her time fruitfully.

“I sat up in bed, propped with pillows at my back and on my lap to support my laptop. There was a moment of deep thought, and something clicked, and I started writing (read as ‘typing’), expanding on my bucket list, adding more and more. I didn’t feel tired, I kept going. Hours and hours, weeks after weeks. Thinking, researching, reading blogs, talking to myself, typing, deleting, and editing as I went along. My mind was busy figuring out ideas even during my wound dressing appointments every day at the hospital. Time was also spent on studying the details of getting a book published.

“Long story short – after a few months, on 3rd May my book “Relish Your Retirement”, was published on Amazon. I feel good of being able to do something which I always wanted to do, right from my school days. And these weeks and months of recovery, which was depressing to start with, was the perfect opportunity to bring out something which was always in the back burner of my mind and was a good distraction to the painful healing period too.

“I have four other unfinished manuscripts sitting on my laptop and I never had the nerves to publish. But I had my mum in mind and all precious ladies like her either retired or planning to retire shortly while writing this book and hence wanted to make sure I give it my everything and finish it. The aim was to write 101 ideas but ended up with 501 ideas to make a 276-page book.

“This book was written with a lot of love and dedication and a ton of hard work. I hope you enjoy reading it.”

Author Florance Philip

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