Brussels Sprouts OUT, but Mince Pies Stay: The Christmas ‘non-essentials’ Most Likely Left Out this Year

British shoppers are likely to spend £4 billion less on nonessential Christmas items this year, as the cost-of-living crisis has many short on cash. 

Higher energy bills mean that many shoppers are planning to cut out some of their favourite Christmas classics to make ends meet, but which items are most likely to go? 

Well, the team at AskGamblers have the answers. Using Google search data, they have compared the number of searches for the top Christmas items in the UK during the first week of October 2021, compared to the first week of October 2022.  

These are the items we could be saying goodbye to this year: 

            Item         2021 Searches         2022 searches          Percentage Decrease  
        Mulled Wine     28,000     11,000     -60.10% 
        Christmas Turkey     6,400     4,100     -36% 
        Bucks Fizz     9,500     6,600     -30.50% 
        Pigs in Blankets     2,100     1,500     -28.60% 
        Christmas Crackers     22,000     16,000     -27.20% 
        Brussel Sprouts     56,000     41,000     -26.80% 
        Baubles     15,000     12,000     -20% 
        Panettone     8,200     6,700     -18.30% 
        Christmas Tree     160,000     131,000     -18.10% 
        Christmas Cake     28,000     23,000     -17.60% 
        Tinsel     42,000     35,000     -16.70% 
        Christmas Lights     47,000     40,000     -14.90% 
        Cranberry Sauce     22,000     19,000     -13.60% 
        Advent Calander      150,000     132,000     -12% 
        Cheese Board     40,000     36,000     -10% 

Mulled Wine is the nonessential item most likely to be left out of British homes this year. With 28,000 searches in early October 2021, to only 11,000 searches in 2022, the classic Christmas drink is down a staggering 60%. 

Christmas Turkey could also be in danger, which is down 36% per cent. Many households could be planning cheaper alternatives to the Christmas dinner this year, such as chicken or fish. 

Bucks Fizz is down by 31%. Many Brits enjoy a glass of the fizz on Christmas morning, however, this year, it might be left out completely. Pigs in Blankets could also be in danger, as search figures show a 29% decrease compared to this time last year. This could be substituted for cheaper side dishes such as roasted parsnips or cauliflower cheese.  

Many people will be happy to know that Brussel Sprouts may have disappeared from the Christmas table in 2022, as search results show a 27% decrease compared to 2021. 

Many of our favourite decorations could also be in danger. Search results for Christmas Crackers are down 27%, Baubles are down 20%, Christmas Trees are down 18%, Tinsel is down 17%, Christmas Lights are down 15% and Advent Calendars are down 12%.  

However, it is not all doom and gloom – some of our favourite Christmas classics have seen a rise in search terms compared to 2021. Searches for Bailey’s Irish Cream are up 33% compared to last year, and household classic Mince Pies are also up 14%. 

A spokesperson for AskGamblers said: “The cost-of-living crisis remains prominent as we slowly move into the Christmas period, and as a result we expect many households to be keeping a close eye on their finances this Christmas. As our research shows, many nonessential items could be left out.  

“Retailers can also be expected to feel the burden of the financial crisis. Many Brits will be planning to budget their Christmas shopping, leaving high street and independent stores in danger of serious financial losses in their busiest time of the year.” 

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