5 of the Best Self-Help Books to Improve Mental Health, Beat Addictions and Be Happy

This autumn sees the release of several fantastic new self-help books that can help you feel better, love yourself more, beat addictions and get healthy for the new year. Here is my round-up of the best self help books available to order now.

Beat Depression by David M. Hinds

This very supportive book, by an author who has suffered from depression

and come through it, will really make a difference.

It goes straight to the source of the condition, moving the reader step-by-step

from hopelessness to relief and happiness.

• What’s happening when you’re depressed?

• Why me?

• Step-by-step strategies to heal your mind

• Self-help therapies that will serve you for a lifetime

• Refashion your brain and learn the art of enjoying life

Buy the book.

Balance: Living a Life True to Yourself by Marina Fernández Julián

Have you ever wondered how your life might change if you knew how to maximise your potential?

In Balance, author Marina Fernández Julián invites you to go on a journey and explore how to live in a way that’s true to you. It’s a call to action to wake up and make the most of your life.

By releasing limiting beliefs and the shackles of social conditioning, you’ll rediscover your personal freedom and the essence of who you are, making it possible for you to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

Buy the book.

Self Enquiry: A Testimony by Michael J Vincent

Are you ready to cross the threshold?

Michael J. Vincent uses his life story to illustrate how experience, no matter how trivial or intense and life-changing, becomes a deep well of learning for us to draw upon in our search for truth.

Exploring his journey through life, Michael demonstrates how the Practice of Self Enquiry can quieten the mind-driven anxieties, doubts and fears that grow along the way, moving us to a place of peace, fulfilment and positive action.

No doctrine; no belief system; not a crutch, mask or sticking plaster; Self Enquiry is a profound, radical and powerful Practice with one clear message: Believe in yourself.

Buy the book.

A Sober Life by R E R Rowlands

This book is an alcoholism self-help book which is based on life experience. This book is modern and adapted to teach the reader what alcohol exactly is, what it does to physical and mental health, as well as ways to reduce, detox and maintain sobriety by addressing general life issues.

Alcohol-free living and sobriety can change your life only for the better and this alcohol addiction recovery book is one of a kind as it is a modern-day view, addressing real life issues.

Buy the book.

Big Book Of Love – Loving Yourself, Dating With Love, Loving Relationships by Jo Warwick

YES! We all want MORE LOVE.

This 2nd edition by Love Expert Jo Warwick is now bigger, fuller and juicier! The Big Book Of Love – Loving Yourself, Dating With Love, Loving Relationships does exactly what it says on the cover, as the manual to all LOVE and relationships.

This new edition of Jo Warwick’s Big Book Of Love – Loving Yourself, Dating With Love, Loving Relationships; combines the author’s extensive professional experience as an individual, couple & family therapist with her own personal journey with Love, to offer a relatable guide to healing wounds of the past & embracing living & loving fully.

This book will heal your heart, build faith & empower you to love deeply again.

Buy the book.

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