#Booktalk: ‘AFTER STROKE’ – New Edition of Internationally Acclaimed Self Help Guide Demonstrates How Life After a Stroke Can Be Great!

With over 100,000 people in the UK suffering from a stroke every year, the republishing of the updated After Stroke will be welcomed by stroke sufferers and their loved ones looking to aid recovery from this life threatening and often paralysing condition.

About the Book

Brimming with helpful information on how to implement his 3P approach  – patience, positive attitude, and perseverance –the author’s self-help techniques have also received praise from The UK Stroke Association, Prof. Sir Peter J Morris, FRCS, FRS, Nuffield Professor of Surgery, University of Oxford, who wrote a foreword, along with Dr Wei Fong Lim, Consultant Geriatrician, Stroke Physician, University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust.

With his personal recovery back to full health taking four years, the author is living proof that life after a stroke can indeed be great. His important, informative and inspiring read returning to print is a significant addition to the practical and motivational self-help literary genre.

David M Hinds, who has himself made a 100% recovery from a major stroke, has used many of the techniques he employed as a successful stress management consultant to create a warmly personal and practical step-by-step recovery plan. After Stroke is a motivational lifeline for all those recovering from stroke—and their carers too—helping them to adjust to this new situation.

The author stresses the value of the three ‘P’s—Patience, Positive attitude, and Perseverance—and includes the following advice:

•           Keep calm, stop worrying and hold on to your sense of humour

•           Simplify your life and let others help. All that matters is getting well

•           Balance periods of healing exertion with much-needed rest

•           How the emotions you feel (anger, bitterness, guilt) can be used to fuel recovery

The book contains a comprehensive and valuable worldwide resource section and details information on:

•           Risk factors

•           Why a stroke occurs and what happens when it does

•           Clear diagrams to help movement after stroke

•           How to get the best care in a specialised stroke unit

•           How to work hand-in-hand with the professionals

•           Tests and surgery

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About the Author

David is a stress management consultant by profession specializing in problems of the subconscious mind. Now  a multi-award-winning screenwriter, he suffered two strokes in the 1990s, forcing him to stop working so that he could focus fully on his recovery. His original, highly acclaimed self-help book After Stroke was featured on British TV (ITV’s THIS MORNING programme, Channel 5 News, and in an episode of the BBC’s Cornish Chronicles series). David’s life story was also a feature in The Daily Express colour magazine.

At the time of going to press (September 2022) his multi-award-winning screenplay titles TASER and THE HAPPINESS ANGEL are the outright winners of 20 International Film Festival Screenplay Awards – a world record for an as yet unproduced script. So far, David has declined all options because the right production deal has yet to present itself. He lives with his wife, Tatiana, in Plymouth, Devon.

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