#Booktalk: Signs from the Other Side offering comfort and hope after death of a loved one

Silver Butterfly Wings by Wendy Willow is a story of transformation, from bitter loss to hope, to life after death.

About the Book

Silver Butterfly Wings is my story. It’s a story of transformation, of the many paths and decisions I faced while going through the process of grief.

My husband had died, and I was utterly shattered; could not imagine a life without him. Then signs from the other side appeared, filling me with hope: flickering lights, hawks flying overhead, our song on the radio, a butterfly’s silvery wings, a hot spot on his side of the bed.

At first, I was sceptical. How could my dearly departed be sending signs and messages from across the veil? Over time I learned to trust these signs, these gifts from Spirit. There was a reason I was still here. I was meant to go on, to live my life with passion. I was to figure out who I was becoming in this totally different world and trust that life was taking me where I was meant to be.

In short, I was to transform – like a butterfly.

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About the Author

Wendy Willow is an intuitive palm reader, numerologist, speaker, and published writer who has given readings at various Psychic and Alternate Health Fairs across Canada and the United States. She was a contributing writer to Ever-changing Magazine, Burlington, Vt. and The Journal of Alternative Therapies, Montreal, Canada. Her articles have appeared in various publications across North America, including Purple Pagan and Waxing and Waning Magazines.

Following the urgings of her soul, she began giving workshops and writing articles to elucidate the role of the Palmist. Her need to read people, to search the depths of the human soul for the truth, opening channels and empowering the individual, clearly defines her purpose in this lifetime. Whether reading or writing, her focus remains the same.

Her studies at The Palmistry Centre and the Institute of Natural Health, Montreal, Canada, provided the groundwork for her palm reading/healing career. She opened a bookstore, The Sunflower, in Montreal in 1994, where her palm reading and expressive writing became firmly established. Her first book, Reading Between the Lines was proudly displayed on the shelves.

It was her Intuitive nature, her sensitivity to the Spiritual world that opened her up to recognize and interpret signs and messages from her newly departed husband. This connection to the Spirit world brought Hope, transforming her world from utter darkness and despair to one of courage and inner strength, newfound joy and a love of life once more.

She now resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where she continues to follow her passions of writing from the heart, reading people, nature walks and photography. You can find her at: http://www.wendywillowauthor.com.

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