The most hyped upcoming games, according to Google

  • GTA 6, Rockstar’s newest entry in the Grand Theft Auto series, is the most popular upcoming title
  • Hogwarts Legacy and God of War Ragnarok take second and third, respectively

New research has revealed the most hyped upcoming games based on Google searches.

The study by online gaming experts I’m-a-Puzzle analysed global Google searches for the most anticipated upcoming titles to see which games there’s the most excitement for.

Rockstar’s newest entry to their smash-hit Grand Theft Auto series, GTA 6, receives, on average, 3,014,790 searches worldwide every month, nearly double the searches of second place. Despite little information apart from development announcements from Rockstar and several ‘rumours’ about the newest title being circulated, gamers around the world are still eager to find out more, according to these findings.

Hogwarts Legacy takes second place, with 1,641,470 monthly searches worldwide for the upcoming title. The single-player RPG, set in Harry Potter’s Wizarding World universe, is set to release in February of 2023, with a release intended for both current and next-generation consoles and PC.

God of War Ragnarok comes in third place, with 1,298,120 monthly searches worldwide on average. The sequel to 2018’s critically acclaimed PlayStation exclusive is due to release in November of 2022 and is clearly drubbing up interest from gamers across the globe.

Overwatch’s long-awaited sequel, Overwatch 2, comes in fourth place with 1,051,850 worldwide monthly searches. Blizzard’s sequel to 2016’s Game of The Year winning title introduces many new features, such as a campaign mode alongside the existing player-versus-player elements.

#GameGlobal monthly searches
1GTA 63,014,790
2Hogwarts Legacy1,641,470
3God of War Ragnarok1,298,120
4Overwatch 21,051,850
6Modern Warfare 2 (2022)627,980
7Gotham Knights570,620
8Baldur’s Gate 3553,690
9Breath of the Wild 2546,890
10Diablo 4519,040

Rounding out the top five is Starfield, Bethesda’s first original RPG in 25 years. The single-player space game is due to release in 2023 with no official release date announced yet, and there are already 690,490 searches worldwide on average every month for the game.

Commenting on the findings, a spokesperson from I’m-a-Puzzle said: “With some of these games having little to no information public about them, let alone a release date, these findings highlight just how desperate gamers worldwide are for information on the hottest upcoming titles. The presence of the Grand Theft Auto series is felt in this list, with the next instalment potentially being a long time away yet still beating soon-to-release games on popularity.”

The study was conducted by I’m-a-Puzzle, a portfolio of sites exploring how games and puzzles can be tied to brain training and education. Play thousands of online jigsaw puzzles for free.

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