Handy Homewares that make Great Gifts

Are you seeking a nice birthday or thank-you gift for a friend or family member? Maybe you want to get them something personal for the home, or a useful gadget that they will enjoy. Check out this list of handy homewares that make great gifts:

Kikkerland Bear Organizer, £14.60 from Amazon

This Stylish bear organize is made of baked enamel steel. Sit it on your desktop or mount to wall to organize letters bills and magazines.

Kikkerland Galileo Thermometer, £17.87 from Amazon

Wonder at the beauty of science, colorful globes rise and fall according to the temperature. Metal tags tell both Celsius & Fahrenheit. Glass globe rests securely on handsome wood base.

Kikkerland Cat Yoga Fridge Magnets, £13.50 from Oliver Bonas

Add a feline friend to those shopping lists on the fridge with these fridge magnets, featuring five cats stretching into yoga poses.

Kikkerland Felt Organizer Tray, £13 from Kikkerland

Save space and become more organised with this catch-all tray. Ideal for keeping your essentials in one place.

Kikkerland Easel Tablet Stand, £25 from Amazon

Need both hands free for the task at hand? Keep losing your tablet? This cute little Easel Tablet Stand from Kikkerland is the ideal place to store your tablet, or even your favourite book, and keeps it easy to access while cooking, working or just watching videos.

The perfect iPad stand, this lovely wooden stand can handle all types and sizes of tablet or e-reader, it has a little lip to keep your tablet securely in place, adjusts easily so your screen is at the perfect viewing angle, and folds flat for easy storage too.

Kikkerland Solar Radiometer, £28.10 from Amazon

Crookes radiometer – a curiously retro scientific instrument for measuring light. A sealed glass case with 4 vanes that magically spin when a light source is present. Kit out your office in Dumbledore or steampunk style. Hand blown glass replica scientific instrument.

Kikkerland Bird Multi Tool, £10.18 from Amazon

A great size multi-tool to carry around in your pocket. This helpful bird’s beak is a stainless steel phillips head screwdriver, her plumage is durable beachwood, and her 3mm and 2mm allen key feet and 6mm, 5mm, and 4mm tail-feathers are always at your service.

Kikkerland Felt Door Handle Pocket, £9.99 from Waterstones

Hangs on your doorknob for keys, wallet or earbuds.

Kikkerland Buddha Mug, £13 from Kikkerland

Buddha – “The Awakened One” The Kikkerland Buddha porcelain mug with lid lives up to its name and ensures a good start to the day at breakfast with a lid, it keeps your drink warm for longer.

Kikkerland Fish Garlic Press, £16 from Amazon

Crush garlic easily & cleanly without any mess! To crush garlic, place peeled clove on the cutting board or counter. Grab the fish by both ends, press down on the garlic and rock the fish back and forth to crush. Continue with as many garlic cloves as needed. Garlic pieces can then easily be spooned or scraped into pan. Hand-wash/dishwasher safe. 18/8 Stainless Steel.

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