Nature’s Answer to Busting Stress and Tension Headaches

We all know what it feels like to experience a headache and the way it impacts daily life. From stress and anxiety related to hormone-driven, it is estimated that almost half of the population have had a headache at least once in the last year.[1]

The most common type of headache is one we all know well – the tension headache. A dull, throbbing pain on the sides of the head, accompanied by pressure across the forehead. As the name implies this type of headache often appears when we are feeling tense caused by either a period of stress or as a result of muscles being tense. Sleep problems can also lead to tension headaches.

 Typically, people turn to painkillers to address tension headaches but there is a natural remedy people can use to calm their headache.

Puressentiel – the brains behind the evidence backed plant-based health products for everyday wellness needs – has added to it’s product collection with the Puressentiel Headache Roll-On

The Puressentiel Headache Roll-On is a unique natural formulation of nine pure essential oils, specifically selected and combined for their relaxing and calming properties. And with the roller ball application providing a cooling and refreshing feeling – this little bottle of natural goodness certainly provides a much-welcomed relief when a headache strikes.

Dr Tim Bond, Natural Health Chemist from Puressentiel – says: “Headaches can easily strike without warning. Being unpredictable it’s good to have a science backed, soothing solution to hand and Puressentiel Headache Roll-on ticks all the boxes. 

“This small roll-on is easy to carry around and is a must for the medical cabinet. Quick and easy to apply the nine essential oils work in combination to provide relief.

“A key essential oil ingredient is lavender which is well known for its relaxing properties as well as garden camomile which helps to relax the body and mind as well as helping with stress and anxiety.”

GP, Dr Nisa Aslam adds: “There are several factors that can lead to a tension headache.  Stress, worries, use of digital screens, sleeping positions, teeth-grinding, poor posture when working and hormone fluctuations to name but a few triggers.

“Given that these are things that can be experienced day to day and headaches can be a regular occurrence, it’s important to look at the natural methods that can be used to help alleviate headaches.

“The Puressentiel Headache Roll-On is one of these natural solutions and given that it has efficacy, that it has been shown to be effective, we should all have one of these close to hand to provide the relief we all look for when we have a headache.”

Recognised as a medical device, this small powerful 10ml roll on solutions –  Puressentiel Headache Roll-On – contains nine essential oils – Basil, Garden-Chamomile, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Peppermint, Common Myrtle, Oregano, Ravensara, and Rosemary.”

To use:  Shake well before use. Apply using acupressure on the tension points: the temples, the middle of the forehead, and above the eyebrows. Follow the hairline from the back of each ear to the bottom of the nape. Finish with the trapezius muscle.

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