#BookTalk – The Mysteries of the Twelfth Astrological House: Fallen Angels by Carmen Turner-Schott, MSW, LISW

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The Mysteries of the Twelfth Astrological House: Fallen Angels by Carmen Turner-Schott, MSW, LISW

The twelfth house is the most spiritual and mystical house in astrology. It rules cosmic consciousness, compassion, service to others, spiritual gifts, addiction, imagination and much more. Having planets placed in this house blesses you with imagination, intuition, empathy, and mystical experiences. In The Mysteries of the Twelfth Astrological House, we will discuss a basic overview of the key issues and practical ways to overcome the more challenging twelfth house planet placements, sharing stories and words of wisdom. This book will benefit anyone who wants to learn more about the basics of the twelfth house while providing skills in counselling clients with these placements.

“The Mysteries of the Twelfth Astrological House by author Carmen Turner-Schott is a wonderful analysis of an intuitive superhighway that resides in each of us. I have never read an astrology book that describes the twelfth house terrain within the framework of a guided tour of this vast inner universe in such a clear way. The insights in this book can be instantly put to practical use to find loving relationships and to make use of creative energy. The words written by this author inspire self-confidence and are a magical guidance to explore the depths of your own intuition and to walk a path that showers you with mental and emotional peace.” ~ Bernie Ashman, Bestselling Astrology Author

Carmen Turner-Schott, MSW, LISW, is a practicing licensed clinical social worker, astrologer, writer, and teacher with a national and international clientele. She has worked with victims of trauma for over 25 years. Since 2010 she has managed several Facebook Astrology groups which have over 50K members from all over the world. She lives in Troy, Illinois.

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