The Most Affordable UK Cities for a Staycation 

The Most Affordable UK Cities for a Staycation 

  • Aberdeen is the most affordable UK city to stay in an Airbnb 
  • Sunderland is the second most affordable city to visit 
  • Leicester comes in third place 
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New research reveals Aberdeen as the most affordable city in the UK for a staycation, with an average Airbnb rate of £72 per night.

The study by JohnSlots compared average daily Airbnb rates for every city in the UK from the last six months.

Aberdeen, Scotland, is the most affordable city in the UK to visit. Staying in the Granite City costs just £72 per night – 36% cheaper than the average for all UK cities.

The second most affordable city is Sunderland, England, with an average daily rate of £73.

Leicester comes in third place, with visitors paying an average of £80 per night.

In fourth place is Derby, with an average daily rate of £81.

A night in Dundee costs an average of £84 per night, making it the fifth most affordable city to stay in.

Wakefield and Lisburn tie in sixth place, with an average daily rate of £85.

Peterborough is the eighth most affordable city, costing £88 per night, followed by Preston in ninth place at £89.

The final city in the top ten is Wolverhampton, costing an average £92 per night.

The 10 Most Affordable UK Cities 

Rank City Country Average Daily Airbnb Rate (£) 
Aberdeen Scotland 72 
Sunderland England 73 
Leicester England 80 
Derby England 81 
Dundee Scotland 84 
Wakefield England 85 
Lisburn Northern Ireland 85 
Peterborough England 88 
Preston England 89 
10 Wolverhampton England 92 

On the other end of the scale, Westminster, Bath and Chichester are the most expensive cities to stay in an Airbnb, with a combined average daily rate of £199.

A spokesperson from JohnSlots commented on the findings of the study:

“Cancelled flights and endless queues are making people look for a relaxing break closer to home, but with the cost of living at an all-time high, it is useful to know where the most affordable locations are across the UK.

The findings of this study show there are affordable cities all across the UK, so wherever a person is based they have the option of visiting a new city without breaking the bank.”

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