‘Love Yourself into Weight Loss’ : New Book Invites Readers to Ditch the Diets and Think Holistically

Written by Farida Bakhshov, Love Yourself into Weight Loss: The Holistic Approach is the result of an extraordinary journey of discovery for its author. After receiving countless symbols from the universe, Bakhshov realized that there was a larger message for her to share with the world about how to heal one’s relationship with their body and soul. Love Yourself into Weight Loss is just the beginning…

Every person struggling with their weight has heard the old adage: ‘calories in, calories out’ and has been told that low carb is the answer.  Or they may have spent hours on the treadmill after a meal out with friends. But what if the true answer to weight loss success is an interconnected approach for the body AND mind?

One significant day, while walking and reminiscing on the quote ‘What you seek is seeking you’ by Rumi a realization hit her. “I began to receive hearts and feathers from the universe, in a synchronised and consistent way. “I always believed that we are more than flesh and bones – we are electric beings with a magnetic heart. Thus my heart is open to receiving gifts from the universe. So I listened to my intuition and observed and followed my heart – and  ‘Love Yourself into Weight Loss’ was born.” 

This book will guide you on a journey to connect with your inner self by providing you with the necessary tools to help. ‘Love Yourself into Weight Loss’ is about connecting back to the core of you, living with self-awareness and practising mindfulness. At this point, you can live in the present moment and be able to make the right choices that will serve you in mind, body, and spirit.

“It’s all about self-love. That’s not to be confused with narcissism! Rather, it’s about creating a relationship with yourself – with your soul and your body – that is based on love and compassion. You’d be amazed at the profound impact this has on people. They are finally free to nourish themselves and they find the unneeded weight falling off their bodies. Once we open ourselves to this love, we do not need unwanted food. It’s that simple and that powerful!”

Reviews have been glowing, with readers relating personally to the content of the book.

“Like the author I have been on my own weight loss journey which is a constant struggle for me. I have tried every diet under the sun to no avail. This book has encouraged me to look at myself from within and to accept and love the person I am only then I may be able to lose the weight because I want to lose it for myself, not for others. I think a lot of people struggling with their weight can definitely relate, I feel that this book will help guide us to achieve our goals,” wrote Harun Khan.

In essence, you will learn how to follow your intuition – whatever you choose to call it: a higher self, God, the Universe, etc. It will teach you to live more mindfully and be rooted in the present moment so you can make the best choices for yourself.

Love Yourself into Weight Loss is available now: Click here.

About the Author:

Farida Bakhshov is a qualified holistic personal trainer and is extremely passionate about her practice. She has been collaborating privately with her clients for over ten years. Farida understands the feeling of being stuck and the frustration associated with weight loss having experienced it first-hand. Thus, her own personal and professional experience gave birth to this book. Farida currently lives in London and works as a holistic personal trainer in her private practice.

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