Top 5 Healthy Dog Food Choices

Do you have a fussy dog when it comes to food? I do! I mean, he will scavenge anything from the streets but turns his nose up at the prepared dog food that I offer him.

Exclusive Discount with Pooch & Mutt

I have now found some alternatives to try, including these top 5 healthy dog food choices available at Pooch & Mutt. You can also use my exclusive influencer discount code when you place an order. You’re welcome!

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Save 20% on the new Dental Sticks range from Pooch & Mutt, including Superfood Spirulina & Mint and Calming Hemp & Sage – use code: DENTAL

Save up to 8% when you buy Pooch & Mutt Bundles, plus get an additional 20% off using this voucher code – use code: AFBUNDLE

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