‘How to Extend Your House’: New book offers one-stop guide to extending your house & getting it right, first time

How to Extend Your House: Insightful new book offers one-stop guide to extending your house and getting it right, first time.

Deepak Singh Udassi’s new house extension manual, How to Extend Your House, is a dream come true for all those trying to navigate the why’s, wherefores and sometimes unfathomable hoops you have to jump through on the journey to create your ideal home.

Head of an award-winning architectural practice, speaker and author, Deepak Singh Udassi shares his inside knowledge and desire for people to achieve their dream home in his informative and insightful manual, How to Extend Your Home and Get it Right First Time:  The Complete Homeowner’s Handbook to House Extensions, Property Renovations and Home Improvement.

With a new extension project starting every 24 minutes in the UK, this guide is the definitive and must-read guide for any homeowner considering major home improvements.  But as the author (aka Britain’s Most Heavenly Builder according to the Federation of Master Builders) stresses, the reading needs to be undertaken in advance of any works to ensure perennial difficulties are mitigated.

Featuring a foreword from Tan Dhesi MP, this new manual stands out from the home renovation crowd not only because of the up-to-date and range of advice it offers, but because it makes the reader feel as though the expert and hugely relatable author is with them navigating every part of their extension journey.


Every 24 minutes, someone, somewhere in Britain starts building an extension to their house, but regrettably, a shocking number of these home improvement projects end in total disaster.

We’ve all either experienced the horror of working with a dodgy builder, or at least know someone who has, so the prospect of entrusting them with the most valuable thing you and your family own is anathema.

But what if I told you the reason that so many house extensions fail isn’t down to cowboy builders or incompetent architects?  What if you knew the real reason house renovation projects fail, and how you can avoid making the same mistakes as well?  This book is a step-by-step handbook on how to extend your home successfully.

Not only is the author officially Britain’s ‘most heavenly builder,’ but he also co-runs a multi-award-winning architectural practice and understands the house extension industry from the inside out.  So there is nobody better to guide you past the pitfalls of the house extension process.

So before extending your property, invest the time to educate yourself in the home extension process, because the words in this book have the power to save you from a home improvement nightmare.

Published by Architecture 100 Publishing, How to Extend Your Home and Get it Right First Time: The Complete Homeowner’s Handbook to House Extensions, Property Renovations and Home Improvement (ISBN: 978-1739650629) is available on Amazon as follows:

Hardcover (£21.99)  –  Click here.

Paperback (£9.99)  –  Click here.

Kindle format –  Click here.

About the author

Deepak Singh Udassi says:

“My Masters finished on the Friday.  By the Monday I’d started work at Britain’s top blue chip, having beaten-off 8,000 hopefuls to secure a spot on the coveted grad programme.  Set for life, gravy baby.  Well, no. I stepped off the yellow brick road and took Robert Frost road to pursue a career in property.  My better half questioned the logic of this decision when I spent the next 10 months sweeping floors and shovelling dirt for free, followed by 5 years of ups, downs, hard knocks, and harder lessons.

“But man, was it worth it.  Alongside my best pal (the greatest builder in the world I might add), we built a thriving construction firm, were crowned Britain’s most heavenly builder, opened a super-duper architectural practice, were handed a crystal gong, and told we were the most bad-ass professionals around.

“I have lobbied the governments of the day on raising standards the industry and given interviews to broadsheets that out-trended Boris and Brexit.

“I tell you this, so you know that every word I write on designing and building beautiful homes, comes from a career of hard graft, experience and professional development gained from all facets of the industry.  I’ve earned the right to advise homeowners how it should be done, and my clients are the better for it.  I cannot serve every homeowner in need, so in lieu, I commit to ink the benefit of my knowledge so everyone can love the place they call home.”

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