Five Tips To Spice Up Your Honeymoon Night

As we find ourselves in the midst of wedding season, we turn our attention to one of the, often forgotten, wedding topics – honeymoon night! 

Leading U.K. OnlyFans model, Belle Grace, shares her top FIVE TIPS TO SPICE UP YOUR HONEYMOON NIGHT, (as she herself counts down the days to her own nuptials).

  • Let’s Talk Lingerie. Don’t feel forced to go out of your comfort zone. If you don’t like how it looks and feels on you, you probably won’t feel your hottest in the bedroom. You should feel hot, sexy, and confident to get the most of your lingerie. It’s always fun to experiment, but for your honeymoon, stay comfortable so you can focus on your partner and not your own feeling of discomfort. 

Don’t be scared to speak to sales associates when you’re shopping for a new set! You can get measured and fitted prior to purchasing and they can often suggest the best styles for your body type. Don’t try to guess your style and sizing, especially for a special night like this. 

  • It’s Time To Take Control. To be confident in the bedroom, you need to be confident in yourself. The best way to take control is to get on top. He/she/they will love it! Go down on your partner and show them what you can do first, don’t skip over the foreplay. Most importantly feel sexy and enjoy every minute – if you enjoy it…they certainly will too! 
  • Au Naturale. Call me old fashioned, but I don’t believe sex toys are needed to have the best time in bed. 99% of my sex life does not include use of toys. I do have a lot of experience using toys, but if I could choose, it would be without. I feel like it can take the passion away. For me, sex is about feeling each other, pleasing each other with our own bodies and not relying on the addition of toys.
  • Tease and Please. The best way to tease your partner is by denying them the ability to physically touch you. Imagine you have on sexy lingerie they’ve never seen you in before? Their heart will be racing! Take your time in everything you do – stripping, touching their body, trail your fingers over their skin, reach down…but then don’t. Keep their mind guessing your next move – be in control. 
  • Set The Mood.  For me, my go-to tips for setting the mood is:
  • Dim the lights
  • Turn on slow, soft music
  • Get your mind and body into a place where you are comfortable and confident
  • A great starter for the night is to cook your partner their favourite meal
  • And always stay sexy and in control

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