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Have you recently signed up to English Heritage Membership? Looking to get out and explore more this Spring/Summer?

At English Heritage Shop we have a huge range of guidebooks available, perfect to help you navigate our gorgeous sites. Whether you’ve been a member for years and looking for something extra, or just starting out and needing that extra hand, these guides are perfect for all. Shop the full collection here.

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Members’ Handbook 2022/23

The English Heritage 2022/23 Members’ and Visitors’ Handbook is an informative guide to all the English Heritage sites and activities throughout the year.

Our Price £10.95 – Click here.

Guidebook: Stonehenge

Stonehenge is one of the best-known ancient monuments in the world and its global importance is reflected in its World Heritage Site status. Although its exact purpose remains a mystery, this magnificent monument was created in the Neolithic period with banks, ditches and iconic standing stones aligned to mark the passage of the sun and the changing seasons at the solstices.

Our Price £6.00 – Click here.

Guidebook: Audley End

This fully revised guidebook offers a complete tour and history of Audley End house and gardens. A new reconstruction drawing of the Jacobean house helps visitors to visualise its original scale, and the story of the house and gardens is brought to life with new photography, historic images and contemporary eye-witness accounts.

Our Price £5.50 – Click here.

Guidebook: Eltham Palace

This revised edition of the guidebook sheds new light on Eltham’s history, especially the wartime years, and also provides a tour of the palace and gardens. It is illustrated with specially commissioned photography, a new reconstruction drawing of the great hall and a new selection of historical images.

Our Price £5.00 – Click here.

Guidebook: Hurst Castle

Hurst Castle was built between 1541 and 1544 by Henry VIII as one of a chain of artillery defences protecting key ports and landing places round southern England from Continental attack. It was sited to guard the Needles Passage, the narrow western entrance to the Solent and gateway to the trading port of Southampton and the new naval base at Portsmouth.

Our Price £4.00 – Click here.  

Guidebook: Birdoswald Roman Fort

This fully revised guidebook includes a new feature on the Roman landscape around Birdoswald, new reconstruction illustrations, maps and plans, and all new site photography, and tells the complete story of how this site developed over nearly 1,900 years.

Our Price £5.00 – Click here.

Guidebook: Lindisfarne Priory

Lindisfarne Priory is the site of one of the most important centres of early Christianity in England. This fully illustrated guidebook includes a tour of the church and monastic buildings and a history of the site from Anglo-Saxon times. It contains full-colour maps, plans, eyewitness accounts and historic images.

Our Price £5.00 – Click here.

Guidebook: Tintagel Castle

This fully revised guide presents an up-to-date tour and history of Tintagel Castle, reflecting the construction of the new bridge and the results of recent archaeological excavations. With new site photography, new and updated reconstructions, and new maps and plans, the guide tells the story of Tintagel Castle over the last 2,000 years.

Our Price £6.00 – Click here.

Guidebook: Kirby Hall

Kirby Hall is one of the most important and enchanting ruined houses in England. When built by Sir Humphrey Stafford in the 1570’s, it was stylistically highly innovative: in particular, the design of the courtyard reflects the arrival in England of new European ideas in architecture and design.

Our Price £5.00 – Click here.

Guidebook: Tilbury Fort

Tilbury Fort was built in the late 17th century to prevent hostile ships from sailing up the Thames and is one of the finest surviving examples of a low-profiled artillery fort in the country. There had been an earlier fort at Tilbury in Tudor times and it was near here that Elizabeth I gave her famous Armada speech to the troops.

Our Price £3.50 – Click here.

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