Chronic Voice Link-up: Health, Work and Lifestyle with Chronic Illness

It has been a while since we did the blog link-up from A Chronic Voice. Sheryl has been dealt another dramatic blow to her health and has understandably been unable to work. She is slowly returning to us and was able to restart the Chronic Voice Link-Up. Read on for my take on the March prompts.


The world is in crisis once again. It seems we stumble from one crisis to another these days. I have listened to the news reports, and I decided to limit my exposure to war news because there is very little that I can do to help, and it will only leave me feeling exhausted and miserable. We must take care of ourselves before we can take care of others. I am processing a lot of changes this year, both to my health, to my family dynamic and other areas. Sometimes it feels like too much to cope with, but it pales in comparison to world events.


I am part way through an experimental drug trial to treat corneal neuralgia. I think the medication is working because my eyes are feeling much better. A month into the trial I began to experience excruciating back pain, but it happens sporadically, and usually in the early hours of the morning. I am now waiting for blood tests to work out what is wrong. My doctor believes it is not a joint issue and not likely to be a side effect of the medication. I am once again relying on the NHS to examine my body and decipher what is causing these new symptoms of illness.


For the past few weeks my family and I have grieved the sudden loss of our kitten, Cora. She got onto the road outside our house and was hit by a car. We have her sister, Nora with us, and she wonders where her sister went and why we won’t let her go outside. We have retreated into our home, afraid for the safety of our remaining cat, and unsure how she feels about the loss of her sister. I suppose I have retreated socially as well, not just because of the grief but because I am working harder than ever to try and kickstart some income from my social media channels.


My self-healing journey continues, and for this prompt I feel I am cancelling limiting beliefs and feelings. There is a voice telling me I should quit my dreams of earning money from writing and just get a regular job. But the more that voice tries to shout, the more I throw myself into my projects. I will cancel that voice because it serves me no purpose. I do what makes me happy, not what society expects me to do.


This ties in nicely to my point about cancelling. Instead of listening to that voice telling me to get a job, I reframe it to say that I have three jobs, all of which I enjoy, and I just need to take a little time to polish up the way they work for me. I am reframing my attitude to work and removing old-fashioned beliefs that do not fit with 21st century lifestyle.

Chronic Voice Link-Up

I joined the social network for A Chronic Voice because I needed to find people who understand what life is like with chronic illness, people like me. Today I have written a post using the March link-up prompts, to show my experience of living with a chronic pain disorder. Click here to find other blog posts from fellow chronic pain sufferers, or #spoonies as we call ourselves online.

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