My Beauty Routine for Dry Eye Syndrome

Do you have a beauty routine for treating chronic illness or a chronic pain condition? I do!

I have tried hundreds of treatment options for Dry Eye Syndrome, Blepharitis and the effects of my congenital disorder, Distichiasis. My eyes do not produce the necessary lubricants to protect them from daily irritants including dust, windy weather, air born germs and whatever else we are exposed to. I have plugs in my tear ducts because the water drains away too quickly, but my eyes don’t produce the right kind of tears. It is part of my congenital disorder.

Last year I was registered with the autologous eye drop treatment programme with NHS Blood and Donor, and that is working well to ease my Dry Eye Syndrome. The eyedrops are made using serum from my donated blood, so I am manually applying the protective barrier that my eyes are unable to produce naturally. According to consultants at my local hospital, the severe Dry Eye Syndrome has improved dramatically, leaving fewer dry patches on my corneas and less irritation. I still have scars on my corneas from childhood surgeries and the scratches caused by ingrowing eyelashes.

I need more than just eye drops. I have been applying overnight eye ointment for the past twenty years or so, every single night. It didn’t matter how drunk I was after a night out, how tired or ill I might feel when nursing babies and caring for my children. I always removed any makeup I might wear (although that is rare due my condition), and I would religiously cleanse my face, paying close attention to the eye area and applying my ointment before going to bed. I continue that routine now.

When I met my new consultant, he recommended some beauty products I could use to relieve the dry, itchy, and puffy sensations around my eyes. One product was Occusoft Lid Scrub Plus, which is a box of eyelid cleansing wipes that are loaded with the right ingredients to relieve the pain and discomfort associated with blepharitis. I use these wipes twice a day: once in the morning to remove the residue from my overnight eye ointment, and once in the evening before I go to bed to remove residue from daily irritants. They do work, and I feel much better for them, so I recommend them if your eyes feel puffy, dry, and irritated. They also remove eye makeup which is a bonus!

Another product my consultant recommended was Tea Tree Facial Wash from the Body Shop. I was unsure about this at first because I have sensitive skin and tea tree products usually dry it out and cause eczema. After speaking to my local Body Shop consultant, we decided that I should try that facial wash, and it proved to be gentle and effective. I feel better for massaging my eyelids when having my morning wash or using it in the shower. I then tried Tea Tree Foaming Cleanser and have decided that I prefer this product because it does the same job of relieving my dry eye symptoms, but it feels soft and luxurious too.

Aside from the congenital eye disorder that I treat with beauty products and medicine, I have suffered from bouts of eczema all my life. I decided to try a Tea Tree All-in-One Stick from Body Shop, and it is quite useful. There is a patch of eczema that keeps appearing on my right hand, and I put that down to frequent handwashing for germ control. The tea tree stick is useful because I can rub it onto my hand and immediately feel soothed and refreshed. I can use it anywhere on my body where I have dry skin, and I like the tingly sensation that it leaves, cheering me up when I’m having a poor health day.

There it is. That is my beauty routine for chronic illness relating to my eyes. No wonder it takes so long for me to get ready in the morning! I can confirm that all these products work for me, but please share if you recommend anything similar that I might want to try. The cost of living is going up and my eyelid scrub is quite expensive, so if I can find a cheaper but effective alternative, I will try it. Ultimately, I need to use these products to help me function in daily life.

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