#IWD2022: 10 Female Crypto Influencers to Watch in 2022

Happy International Women’s Day! Big hugs to all my female readers and supporters.

I want to share something that has caught my interest this year, mainly thanks to my younger brother and sister bringing it to my attention. They are both online traders but have interest in cryptocurrency and alternative income streams. Cryptocurrency seemed like something alien and not to be trusted a few years ago, but I am assessing my financial security such as it is, and now I feel it is time to explore new methods for creating income.

For me, the traditional 9-5 job does not apply as I am happier working for myself in various niches. I need a reliable source of income from somewhere. Could cryptocurrency be the answer? Here is an article that dropped into my inbox, and I felt it was worth sharing.

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10 Female Crypto Influencers to Watch in 2022

A 2021 eToro survey found just 15% of Bitcoin traders were women, while another survey from NORC at the University of Chicago based on 1,004 US adults found that a higher, 41% of cryptocurrency traders were women. Data from Bitstamp showed a 200% increase in the number of female crypto investors on its platform through the first nine months of 2021 compared to the same period in 2020. As a result of this, we paired influence and outreach of some of the very best women working in the crypto space.

The full list can is below, and the full article can be found here: 10 Female Crypto Influencers To Watch in 2022

1. Meltem Demirors

@Melt_Dem (238.1K Followers)

Bitcoin specialist Demirors is Chief Strategy Officer at digital asset investment firm CoinShares, which manages $4 billion in assets. She is a founding member and co-chair of the World Economic Forum Cryptocurrency Council has created crypto courses on platforms like Skillshare and has spoken extensively on women in crypto.

2. Layah Heilpern

@LayahHeilpern (208.7K Followers)

Heilpern recently published the book Undressing Bitcoin: A Revealing Guide to The World’s Most Revolutionary Asset. A former journalist, she now runs a media and content creation business and hosts her own crypto and entrepreneurship-focused podcast, which has seen her grow into one of the most widely followed voices on the topic.

3. Lea Thompson

@girlgone_crypto (194.8K Followers)

Content creator Thompson writes, makes videos and works on partnerships on blockchain technology. She has gained popularity for her personality-filled posts, including a Bitcoin explainer video directed at JK Rowling that has been viewed more than 500,000 times.

4. Rachel Siegel

@cryptofinally (193.4K Followers)

Formerly a teacher, Siegel is now a noted crypto influencer and speaker who also runs a crypto merch store. She was recently profiled in the New York Post where she said her journey was based on “conviction, via education” rather than existing technical knowledge.

5. Natalie Brunell

@natbrunell (179.4K Followers)

With a following on YouTube as well as Twitter, Brunell interviews guests on topics such as crypto, monetary policy, inflation, and global markets (also released through her podcast, Coin Stories). A big Bitcoin supporter, she also makes regular media appearances.

6. Aleksandra Huk

@HukAleksandra (175.3K Followers)

Huk runs the CASHFLOW Stake Pool (read about staking here) and tweets about topics from security advice and takes on crypto news to wry jokes and memes.

7. Caitlin Long

@CaitlinLong_ (169.4K Followers)

Featured on Forbes’ ‘50 Over 50’ Investment list for 2021, Long is the founder and chief executive officer of Custodia Bank, which provides payment and custody solutions for digital assets. Her Twitter bio states she has been a Bitcoin investor since 2012.

8. Elizabeth Stark

@starkness (142.3K Followers)

Stark has given keynote talks on the decentralized internet and is the CEO of Lightning Labs, a software development firm that says it is creating an “open-source, secure, and scalable” system to “enable users to send and receive money more efficiently than ever before.”

9. Preethi Kasireddy

@iam_preethi (105.8K Followers)

Kasireddy is a former Coinbase software engineer and blogs on topics including Web 3.0 application architecture, blockchain scalability and the internet of things. She has also made Ethereum explainers and published an ‘intro to crypto’ course.

10. Tavonia Evans

@cryptodeeva (4,719 Followers)

Also a software engineer, Evans is the founder of $GUAP, built specifically to support Black-owned businesses. Launched in 2017, she says the coin is “creating more access for Black and brown people to cryptocurrency.” She also co-hosts blockchain/crypto podcast In the Black.

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

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