What is the Best Healthy Food for my Pet?

Do you have pets, maybe a dog, a cat, or more? Do you wonder about what you are feeding them, and considering the option of fresh, organic pet food? Here are a few ideas for the best healthy food for your dogs and cats.

What is the best healthy food for my dog?

Welcome to Pooch & Mutt – the health food company whose products happen to be consumed by dogs!

We believe in the power of paws-itive nutrition, that’s why we’ve created a whole host of junk-free dog foods, treats and supplements packed with powerful, active ingredients to help your dog lead their happiest, healthiest life.

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What is the best healthy food for my cat?

Do you need to find healthy cat food for your cat or kitten?

You could consider KatKin, a company that offers personalised meal plans for your cats, tailored to their nutritional and health needs.

We deliver healthy cat food to your door. Most cat foods have low meat %’s, poor quality ingredients, and rely on chemicals to keep them on the shelf. At KatKin, we make 100% fresh, natural cat food with a 95% meat content. And we’re seeing results… Click here to find out more.

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2 Responses to What is the Best Healthy Food for my Pet?

  1. Invisibly Me says:

    Cat food with 95% meat content? Yikes, my Virgil would demand that for every dinner, he’d never eat anything else ever again! I like the name Katkin, I always call our feline owners kittykats or catkins. xx

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