Spooktacular New Titles from Holiday House & Peachtree

Boo! Scared you! Yes, we are officially into the Halloween countdown and today I share a round-up of spooky books suitable for primary age (KS1, KS2) children. Look out for my book reviews next month, with a little help from my daughters.  

Photo by Yaroslav Shuraev on Pexels.com

Boo Stew by Donna L. Washington, illustrated by Jeffrey Ebbeler (Peachtree Publishing Company, for ages 4–8)

Internationally known, award-winning storyteller Donna L. Washington uses her tremendous skill to breathe new life into the classic Goldilocks tale. Curly Locks is a good-hearted girl, but she’s an awful cook. All the townspeople of Toadsuck Swamp know to steer clear of her culinary concoctions. So, when one of her dishes goes missin’, word spreads about how the Scares have been terrorizin’ the town. Can Curly Locks use her smarts and unique talents to help corral those Scares for good?

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Nina Soni, Halloween Queen by Kashmira Sheth, illustrated by Jenn Kocsmiersky (Peachtree, for ages 7–10)

Halloween brings out Nina Soni’s competitive spirit. A bunch of old boxes in the basement inspires her to create an impressively scary haunted house. So what could possibly go wrong for the Halloween Queen? In Nina Soni, Indian American author Kashmira Sheth has created an endearing heroine and charming stories of family, friendship, and her slightly scatterbrained efforts to manage her life with lists, definitions, and more.

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Middle School Bites: Out for Blood by Steven Banks, illustrated by Mark Fearing (Holiday House, for ages 8–12)

Tom the Vam-Wolf-Zom is back—and so is the werewolf that bit him—in this monstrously funny third installment to a series about a boy who’s dying to fit in. Eleven-year-old Tom was bit by a vampire, a werewolf, and a zombie right before the first day of middle school. And he didn’t even get excused from sixth grade! Now he’s being hunted down by the werewolf that bit him. Then the vampire that bit him returns with a warning: the werewolf is dangerous. Perhaps Tom should stick with sixth grade.

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Only If You Dare: 13 Stories of Darkness and Doom by Josh Allen, illustrated by Sarah J. Coleman (Holiday House, for ages 9–12)

You never know what’s out to get you. Though you might think you’re safe from monsters and menaces, everyday objects can turn against you, too. A mysterious microwave. A threatening board game. A snowman that refuses to melt. Even your own heartbeat has its secrets. Master storyteller Josh Allen brings thirteen nightmare scenarios to life in this page-turning follow up to Out to Get You that’s perfect for budding horror junkies.

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