Explore Our Beautiful Teaware and Tea Collections At Wedgwood

Explore our Beautiful Teaware and Tea Collections at Wedgwood.

China teacups, teapots, saucers, cake stands, and sandwich trays are all essential teaware pieces to have a traditional English afternoon tea celebration with family or friends. Colourful, elegant, and expressive, Wedgwood teaware is perfect for spending time with loved ones and taking time to relax.

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Signature Tea English Breakfast 20 Teabags

Enjoy our Signature Tea English Breakfast Teabags in the morning or afternoon, either pure or with a little milk. A fine black tea with golden tips of Assam and Ceylon, this satisfying amber blend lingers on the palate, fusing together intense colour, velvety flavours and malty aroma. Bringing that extra bit of luxury to the everyday, just add your favourite Wedgwood cup and saucer.

Our Price £10.00 – Click here.

Signature Tea Wedgwood Original Caddy

A classic black loose leaf, enjoy a pot of our Signature Tea Wedgwood Original Caddy. With a subtle balance of finesse and fullness, it captures the essence of English tea drinking, which is what we do best. Full bodied and bold, it has a delicious caramel sweetness to the finish. 125g of tea is lovingly packaged in our beautiful new Wedgwood tea caddy.

Our Price £14.00 – Click here.

Paeonia Blush 3 Piece Set

Inspired by an obsession with the Orient and the beautiful peony flower, the Paeonia Blush 3 Piece Set is perfect for serving tea with a stylish opulence. A beautiful bold backdrop sets the scene for an array of striking peonies and Oriental detail, whilst gold accents are the perfect finishing touch. Presented in a signature Wedgwood gift box.

Our Price £195.00 – Click here.

Florentine Turquoise 3 Piece Tea Set

There are few patterns that live up to the richness of Florentine Turquoise; first introduced in 1931 on a fine bone china body and characterized by an ornate border intricately detailed with a cacophony of mystical creatures and fantastical flora.

Our Price £525.00 – Click here.

Tea Garden Green Tea and Mint 3 Piece Set

The Tea Garden Green Tea & Mint 3-Piece Set is from a fresh new collection that celebrates Wedgwood’s historic link with tea, dating back to their roots and their royal credentials. Comprising of a dessert plate, teacup and saucer, this set will infuse your home with the essence of green tea and mint – taking inspiration from Wedgwood’s invigorating tea flavours.

Our Price £85.00 – Click here.

Wonderlust Emerald Forest Mug

Inspired by the eclectic mix of English flora and fauna, add this Wonderlust Emerald Forest Mug to your collection. An exotic and lush green forest glowing with beautiful and colourful butterflies sits on fine bone china, with gold banding for added luxury.

Our Price £38.00 – Click here.

Wonderlust Pink Lotus Mug

Sit back and relax with a cup of your favourite tea or coffee in this Wonderlust Pink Lotus Mug. Made from fine bone china with an elegant handle, the pink and green design features gold detailing for added luxury. Considered a sacred symbol in the Asian tropics, the lotus flower pattern represents inner wisdom and the flow of daily life.

Our Price £33.00 – Click here.

Intaglio Milk / Cream Jug

Contemporary meets classical with the Intaglio pattern, which combines the embossed textures so popular during the Georgian era with a clean, white glaze finish that is unmistakably modern. Beautiful white, fine bone china embossed with patterns inspired by knurling and engine turning – results in a aesthetically delightful, tactile finish.

Our Price £45.00 – Click here.

Renaissance Red Sugar & Creamer

Complete your Renaissance Red tea story with this Sugar and Creamer set. Decorated with our famous cameo shape, the beautifully translucent fine bone china body is finished with deep crimson and gold accents for an indulgent look. Finished with a laurel scrolled border and neoclassical motifs, this sugar and creamer set will add that important finishing touch to your sophisticated and stylish tea story.

Our Price £190.00 – Click here.

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