Tarot Card Reading for Relationships

I recently had my first Tarot card reading via telephone, as part of a review for Ask the Answer. I wrote down the cards that the psychic drew for me and decided to conduct my own reading to see if it was similar. I was not surprised with the results and decided to share them here. Tell me if it resonates with you.

Tarot Card Reading

1, Ace of Cups

Now you see the true nature of your feelings about the situation. They have been stuck in a cycle for so long, but you see what needs to happen next. No more sadness, no more feeling sorry for yourself. End this pity party now!

2, Ten of Pentacles

Were you hoping for a substantial gift from somewhere, maybe money or property? You have what you need already. Take a closer look at your situation.

3, Nine of Pentacles

You feel secure in your position and content with what you have secured for yourself. All that hard work is paying off and it was worth the sacrifices you made to achieve your goal.

4, Death

Accept the inevitable. The circumstances leading to your current situation can only end one way. Death in this case relates to your connection with someone. You must grieve for the death of a relationship.

5, Queen of Swords

Prepare yourself for battle, this situation will not end without a fight. This time you know what to expect and you know how to handle your opponent. You might even feel excited at the prospect.

6, Justice

There are two sides to this story and justice shall prevail. Whether you take it to a legal court or settle the matter quietly, it will work in your favour. Just be firm and stand your ground. Do not be manipulated again.

7, Wheel of Fortune

Here is further confirmation of your position. It can only work favourably for you; there is no other way. This is your time to take centre stage and reap the rewards for your hard work and sacrifices.

8, Temperance

Balance is key here. Your emotions are running wild but please try to release them in a safe space. There is a time and a place to feel your feelings. Harness your inner strength. You burn with passion that feels like fire, but you also feel ice cold in some situations. Try and blend those feelings into something manageable.

9, Ace of Swords

You feel stronger from learning to balance your emotions. Instead of feeling physically exhausted you have created something that will help you in the upcoming battle of wills. You have the tools to defeat your opponent. Do this for you.

10, Page of Pentacles

Beware of the person you thought you knew. They are not as mature as you, and they may retaliate with peevish behaviour. They have only one weapon left in your fight, and they will try to use it. Financial control is tricky to navigate, but you can end this pattern of behaviour. You are the adult here.

11, The Tower

This is your doing, and you should be proud. Shake the foundations of your one-sided relationship. Break it down. There is no relationship anymore. Accept it, deal with it, and move on. There is something far more suitable that you will enjoy. Release the old routine. You don’t need it.  

12, Four of Wands

New beginnings. A fresh start. While it is hard to imagine that you could find someone else to be happy with, have faith in the future. This change will take time. You have practical matters to deal with first, but you will achieve your dreams.


This reading makes me hopeful for my future. I accept some of the advice and I will embrace it.

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