Making Plans as the Pandemic Continues

We have almost reached the end of summer holidays in the UK, and as we look forward to a new school term in September, I wonder what plans can we make as the pandemic continues?

The past few months have felt normal for me. All UK regulations were dropped at the start of summer meaning that we no longer had to wear masks or social distance as a legal requirement. Many of our larger shops and supermarkets still require these precautions, as do medical facilities and other businesses, and we are advised to take regular tests to check for Covid. I have had both my vaccines and so far, so good. But wearing a mask in public has become a normal activity, just another accessory along with my reusable shopping bag and my contactless payment card.

I was surprised on a visit to Blackpool recently at how normal the daily activity seemed to be. Hardly anyone wore a mask in public (myself included), social distancing was not possible due the crowds, especially at the Pleasure Beach, and life appeared to be business as usual. It felt nice but it also felt strange. I can’t help but feel a sense of foreboding. The pandemic isn’t finished yet, and I know it is becoming a greater concern in other countries like Australia and New Zealand.

There are other challenges to face now that the immediate health risk seems to be subsiding in the UK. People are struggling to staff their businesses with workers who have since gone on to new careers and new jobs. Some are having to reduce their working hours simply because they don’t have people to do the jobs. Others are working ridiculous hours to try and fulfil demand for their service or product that has become popular during lockdowns and staycations. Our habits as consumers have changed, and I wonder what this means for the economy and for businesses as we continue to navigate a new kind of life.

Are you making plans during the pandemic? What did you achieve during the summer holiday that might have been previously cancelled or postponed?

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