CBT is Basically Reiki Energy Healing

Have you experienced Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)? It is mostly used to treat anxiety and depressive disorders as far as I am aware, and I recently had the experience via my local NHS mental health support team. Allow me to explain.

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My personal life is not perfect. I am separated from my husband due to his undiagnosed mental health disorder. I have spent many years trying to research how to help him and how to live with him, but we reached crisis point and now we are stuck in limbo. My reiki energy healing practice has given me time and space for myself and stopped me from having a complete mental and emotional breakdown, but I have struggled, and I continue to struggle with our situation.

Recently I was referred to our NHS mental health services by my GP. They set me up on an online portal for support. I soon learned that this online portal basically mimicked what I already practise as part of my reiki self-healing process and so it was not very helpful. It told me what I already knew and tried to make me meditate, which I have been doing for almost twenty years now. I was interested to study it from a professional viewpoint, however, so maybe there were higher energies at work to put me in that situation. Reiki works in mysterious ways!

Anyway, I can now say that from a personal perspective and from my personal experience, reiki energy healing is a form of cognitive behavioural therapy. The only difference I see is that we use our hands as tools for reiki energy healing, whereas CBT is more about talking and listening. Would you like to try some reiki and see how it feels for you? Book online now!

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2 Responses to CBT is Basically Reiki Energy Healing

  1. Emma says:

    I assume this article is written so you will be found by anyone using a popular search term like CBT. I’m afraid you are missing a lot of information about CBT if you think it and Reiki are the same thing or Reiki is a form of CBT! Not the same thing at all.

    • I appreciate your response, but I experienced online CBT via the NHS and it basically gave me the same exercises/activities that I do as part of my reiki practice. I simply wrote from my personal experience at the time.

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