Back to Homeschool – But for how long?

Today we are back to school after the half-term holiday, but for how long? We are awaiting a press conference from the Prime Minister where he is expected to announce a “road map out of lockdown.” Personally, I am not keen on these phrases from the government, but I will listen to his announcement and see what the plans are.

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I would be surprised if our children return to school on 8th March as previously suggested. It would be fantastic if they do go back and the sooner the better, but why bother now when we are half-way through the spring term? It might make more sense to continue home schooling for a few more weeks, take the Easter holiday, and then try to return to normal, whatever that means nowadays.

While I am fed up with lockdown and I detest homeschooling, at this point I am getting used to it. My children and I have settled into a new routine, and now it is set to change again. I also want the cafes and shops to reopen, which it seems will happen after schools have opened. My daughters have even suggested that they like homeschool, because they don’t have to wear uniform, they can do the work in their own time, and they are getting used to it. They do want to return to school and be with their friends, but it is worrying that they settle so easily into being at home.

Well, I am not the Prime Minister and I am not the one making decisions. I hear that the vaccination rollout has been a success in terms of planning and execution. I wonder why we still find ourselves reacting to events rather than being proactive, but I think that is a cultural habit. We seem to prefer the drama that ensues from a situation, and the challenge of repairing it, rather than taking drastic action to prevent it in the first instance.

What are your thoughts on the way the UK has dealt with and is dealing with the pandemic? Do you think we will be back in school by 8th March? Will you even bother to go out again, or have you become used to a life of Zoom meetings, working from home and online shopping?

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