Mobile phone SIM deals from giffgaff

Hi, we’re giffgaff, a pay as you go, SIM-only, mobile network with a difference. We’re online only, meaning SIMs are only available to order online and all off our customer support is online too.  With no crowded shops or frustrating call centres, we keep our costs low and pass the savings back to our members.

Our standard pay as you go rates are less than half those charged by the big networks and our goody bags (bundles of UK minutes, texts and data that last a month) are a great way to save even more. We don’t like scary bills or long contracts – just pay upfront and stay as long as you like.

We believe in value for money, and the freedom to change your mind. That’s why we always tell our members which plan is best for them depending on their recent usage and let them recur or change their plan each month if they find themselves using more or less than expected. 

Giffgaff was born in November 2009 and runs on the O2 network. 

How to join giffgaff:

Order a Free SIM from our website – – –

Activate your SIM when it arrives by entering a code online and adding credit to your account – – –

Choose to pay as you go, or buy one of our goody bags of minutes, texts and data that last a month.

£6 goodybag link – £8 goodybag link – £10 goodybag link –£15 goodybag link –

£20 goodybag link – £25 (“Always on” data!) goodybag link – Click here

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