An Intense Reiki Shamanic Drum Session (Part 2)

Following on from my previous post An Intense Reiki Therapy Session, my sister Emily continued with her reiki healing therapy for me on Sunday 11th March 2012. We were once again at the Mind, Body and Spirit event at Walton Hall and Gardens in Warrington, Cheshire, UK. This truly is a magical place, and the perfect setting for our energy work. On Sunday we felt even more alive and invigorated, having enjoyed our first day at the event so enormously. We met many fantastic people, made new friends and reacquainted with old ones.

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Emily decided to continue with my reiki healing therapy, at my insistence. I was buzzing with new-found energy, and I wanted to break free of my bonds, and to find myself in the true sense of the word. Emily also felt different on this occasion. She had decided to truly express her shamanic heritage, and today she was wearing brightly coloured clothes instead of the somber therapist tunic of the previous day. She was also eager to incorporate her shaman drum into our therapy session.

Once again, Emily began her healing at the top of my head. She placed one hand in front of my eyes, and one at the back of my head, keeping enough distance to raise her reiki energy. Where I had felt magnets removing my eye pain the previous day, this time I felt the healing in a different way. I could feel Emily cleaning my eyeballs with a soft cloth of pure energy. She was metaphysically polishing away the pain from my eyeballs and soothing the scars of past medical treatments.

I almost fell into a trance, partly due to the treatment and partly due to my own openness and willing vibration in tune with a meditation CD composed and performed by Jon. My head began to fall forward as I relaxed my body. I was sitting in a chair in a busy room, and my sister knew this wasn’t the time for me to journey in such a way. She gently brought me back into consciousness, though it took a few attempts. It was still morning, and I had drunk only decaffeinated coffee and water. As Emily was calling me back to myself, I heard a voice in my head saying, “Now is not the time for journeying. You can journey later.” It was a powerful voice, and I recognized it as one of my spirit guides. I reluctantly opened my eyes and centred myself in the physical once again.

When Emily moved her reiki energy to my shoulders, I could feel the energy building and flowing through me. My chakras suddenly blazed into action, awakened from a slumber I hadn’t even noticed. My heart chakra and solar plexus literally crackled with power, and they zoomed into alignment. I sat up straighter, breathed deeply in and out, and rejoiced in the amazing power of my sister and her healing hands. All of my chakras were glowing with heat, power and electricity.

Then Emily brought out her shaman drum to try a new form of reiki healing therapy. As she slowly beat it close to my body, it resonated deep within me, rumbling through my inner core. I was once again standing in the dark room in front of the huge mirror. This time I knew what to do. Clenching my fist, I drew back my arm and smashed the mirror with one punch, all the while in time to the beat of Emily’s drum and the chanting music playing in the background.

When I tried to step forward through the broken mirror, I was held back. Looking over my shoulder I saw strong chords restraining me, attached to my back and my legs. A voice told me they were the chords of conformity, keeping me subdued. Suddenly I whirled around, and in one smooth, swift strike I cut the chords with a huge sword. Then I stepped through the mirror and towards my true self. She is my twin. My missing link. She took me by the hand, embraced me, and then led me forward to begin our new adventures, and our new spiritual life journey.

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