An Intense Reiki Healing Session (Part 1)

On Saturday 10th March 2012 I joined with my sister Emily and our spiritual brother Jon to exhibit at a Mind, Body and Spirit event at Walton Hall and Gardens in Warrington, Cheshire, UK. My sister had recently launched her business Eternal Healing Therapies. Emily decided to give me a reiki healing treatment, because I was sorely in need of some healing. I happily accepted.

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Emily began working at my head. With one hand at my forehead and one at the back of my head, I quickly began to feel the reiki energy building as a sensation of heat radiating from her palms. Relaxing, I closed my eyes and emptied my mind of all thoughts. This was a natural process. My body knew what to do. I felt as though Emily’s hand was a magnet, drawing shards of pain out my eyes. During the last month I have experienced a lot of pain and discomfort from a recurring genetic eye disorder, so I knew that was the therapy I needed. 

I rejoiced silently as the shards of pain were drawn out at lightning speed, thanks to the reiki energy healing of my sister. After a while the magnet sensation faded, and I then felt my sister applying a soothing balm directly to the top of my eyeballs. This was all done with reiki energy. There was no physical contact. But I felt it. I knew what it was. My body recognized it as an ancient form of magic, and something deep within me began to respond.

Emily then moved over my body to focus her reiki healing energy elsewhere. I could feel her energy flowing over me like a cleansing waterfall of pure silver. It was cold, clear, and refreshing. And it flowed directly from my sister’s hands as she channeled Source energy. My limbs were tingling with power and I began to truly wake up.

Gradually I saw myself standing in a room in front of a floor length mirror. The room was dark, and there were no windows, but I could clearly see myself in the mirror, as if by moonlight. This wasn’t the real me. It was a mask, a reflection of myself based on a lifetime of repression and societal conformity. I needed to smash the mirror, to step through it, so that I could embrace and become my true self.

As my sister drew her healing session to a close, I was left standing before the mirror, clenching my fists and trying to pluck up the courage to smash it. I had the power. I could feel it. But was I ready to embrace my truth? I had built a defensive shell around me, born from a lifetime of conformity and wanting to fit in to my social group. I needed to let everything out, including a lifetime of pain and suppressed energy.

To be continued…

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