Knowing What You Want

Did you get what you wanted for Christmas? Or are you feeling more introspective this year, in the wake of the global pandemic?

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2020 has been a tough year for everyone. Many have succumbed to the disease Covid-19, leaving behind grief and broken families. Many people have lost their jobs and even their businesses as the economy shut down. We are still in the midst of restrictions here in England, with different counties following different guidelines and nobody really understanding what we are supposed to do.

I have been thinking about the theory of manifesting what you want and using the Law of Attraction (LOA) to help us out of this dark place. Everyone wants an end to social restrictions and to control the disease. We are frustrated with our inability to fix it, and the fact we have to rely on other people to develop the necessary interventions.

Perhaps the reason we are stuck is because so many people have so many conflicting beliefs and emotions. Some believe that the pandemic is nothing but a story designed to create a docile and obedient society of followers. Others believe that it is deadly, dangerous and should be taken seriously. Yet others believe that it is something to worry about but perhaps not for everybody. And that is why it still rages. We are not all thinking alike or believing in a better future. Some of us are stuck in fear and negative thought patterns that continue to manifest unpleasant experiences in life.

I call upon the Law of Attraction to bring people closer. I am ready to work with people who are prepared to help themselves, who will ask for help when they need it and who will put in the effort to improve what they feel is lacking. With my new reiki practitioner business, I am able to offer relaxing reiki treatments to help relieve stress and anxiety. This all came about during the pandemic and completely at the wrong time, but apparently my business was ready to manifest.

What are you going to manifest as we move into the New Year?

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