Happy Birthday, Daughter!

Phew! We have not stopped this weekend, as we have been celebrating the birthday of our elder daughter, Elliot, who is 9 years old today. Happy Birthday, Elliot! She had a birthday party at home followed by a sleepover and movie night, and we topped it off with a visit to her uncle and cousin where the children spent an hour splashing around in the hot tub. A very happy, very busy weekend. And now she must go to school on her birthday, boo! But she doesn’t mind, because our beautiful girl loves learning, loves spending time with her friends and the school community, and generally loves life.

Happy Birthday Elliot

It has been a whirlwind week in the Green household. We finally said goodbye to our little old Citroen C3 and welcomed a brand-new Skoda Karoq, fresh from the factory. It is so good to have a car made for the digital age! I love the way it drives, the spacious interior, and being higher up on the road for a change. But now I must get used to driving a big car, something I have never done before, at least not regularly. I feel like I have taken to it quite well… and it’s not a bad birthday present for me, either! There is a downside to all this excitement. Our younger daughter has been called into hospital at very short notice for tests to assess swelling on her optic discs. We are a little worried, but we trust our doctors, and we know she is well cared for at our local NHS hospital. Enjoy your week, my friends!

Mummy Mondays SpookyMrsGreen

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