Exclusive Special Offer with LEGOLAND Holidays

Psst! Are you planning to book a special family holiday at LEGOLAND Windsor in 2020? Check out these exclusive special offers, only available until midnight on 18th November. Legoland Holidays have launched their early booking offer via a hidden link, meaning there are better discounts on the hidden landing page than going directly!! Click here to access your exclusive special offers now.


They have opened up all of 2020 and there is an added discount offering up to £72 extra off based on a family of 4 vs their main site!! Bookings include 2 days entrance into the Park, overnight stay and breakfast.

We have cherry picked the best prices for staying at a Hotel near the Park, based on 2 adults and 2 kids.

Days Inn Fleet – inc breakfast

£127 – Mar 13/20/27 Apr 26 May 1/15 1/15Jun 5/12/19/26

£139 – Mar 15/22/29 Apr 24 May 3/8/10/17 Jun 7/14/21/28 Jul 5/12/19 Sep 2/3/4/13/20/27

School Holidays £152 – Apr 6-9 May 22/26-28 Jul 24-31 Aug 1-5

Holiday Inn Express T5 – Inc breakfast & kids under 12 eat free at the hotel

£158 – Mar 13/20/27 Apr 24 May 1/15 Jun 5/12/19/26 Jul 13/20/27 Sep 2/3/4/11/18/25

School Holidays £170 – Apr 6-9 May 26-28 July 24-31 Aug 1-7

Mercure London Heathrow – Inc breakfast & kids under 12 eat free at the hotel

£167 – Mar 13/20/27 Apr 24 May 1/15 Jun 5/9/12/19/26 Jul 10/17 Sep 11/18/25


Or for just £243 you can stay on Resort at the LEGOLAND Resort Hotel which includes Free Digipass worth £35, FREE parking, FREE LEGO Gift and evening entertainment. There are a few dates cheaper than this.

£213 – Mar 23rd Apr 21/22/27/30 May 4/14 Sept 7/10/14/17/21/24/28 Oct 1/5/8

£225 – Apr 20/26 Sep 13/20/27 Oct 4/11

£243 – Jun 2-4, 8-11, 15-18, 22-25

Get it booked, and get planning your fabulous LEGOLAND adventure!

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