Key to My Heart Summer Romance

I like to consider myself a strong, independent woman who doesn’t subscribe to old-fashioned clichés and stereotypes. Somehow, I ended up being a housewife, giving up a regular job, and relying on my husband for financial support while I raise our children. I love being present for my family, but there is still a nagging voice in my mind that says I failed myself. This was never part of my life plan. I was never going to fall in love and be completely dependent on a man. How did this happen?! Well, I guess Fate decided to play a joke, because I fell in love with my husband when we were just eighteen, and no matter how hard I tried to keep a distance and live independently from him, it just didn’t happen. I love him, and I must be with him, no matter how frustrating and annoying he can be.

Key to My Heart BotB Anthology

How many women still indulge in dreams of romance? Indeed, how many men would admit to having such dreams? Our society is supposed to more enlightened, more emotionally open, more sensitive, and more able to accept that we live according to our beliefs and morals. I won’t get into deep discussions about all the issues around that. Today I am talking about romance and love. It has been labelled as weak and flimsy in the world. People who enjoy reading romance novels will generally not admit to such flights of fancy, for fear of being ridiculed. But we all want to be loved, and most of us want to experience being in love. It is such an amazing, fantastic and dramatic emotional ride. To love someone is not easy. Personalities will clash, there will be power struggles, differences of opinion, a battle of wills. But we still love each other, despite all of it. At least, that’s how it is with me and my husband.

VoB Vampire Hunter #1

Image Credit NEJ Photography

And that is the story for my vampire, Meredith, and her girlfriend Samantha, who is a witch. These characters first appeared in my contemporary English Gothic novel Vampire of Blackpool, and now you can read another story about them in the anthology Key to My Heart, which is supported by Books on the Beach Blackpool. Enjoy your summer romance, my friends!

Key to My Heart BotB Anthology

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