Wake Up, Witch!

I hear a voice, whispering in the corner. It grows more insistent every day. When I approach the dresser on which my altar is laid out, the voice grows louder. “Wake up, witch,” it demands. Yesterday I felt compelled to pick up my crystal wand and cradle it to my chest, feeling the energy flow through me. “Wake up, witch!”

Wake Up, Witch

Fellow witches and practitioners, you will know what I mean. We live with magical, natural energy all day every day. But we often busy ourselves with modern life, and we ignore it. I have been too busy with domestic tasks and occupational pursuits. I haven’t perused my Tarot cards for months, I haven’t worked any spells, I haven’t done much of anything apart from basic meditation and reiki self-healing. My crystals are gathering dust on the shelf. My candles lie untouched in a drawer. There are books waiting to be read and journals to update. Perhaps now is the time to reconnect with my witchy self. What do you think?

Witchy Wednesday SpookyMrsGreen

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