Easter Wedding Plans

We are counting down the days to our school holiday (only four more left), and my family is preparing for a wedding on Easter weekend. It is extra specially exciting because my husband has the honour of giving away his sister to her fiancé, and I know he is very proud to do it. His dad will be there, but he is severely disabled with a brain injury and is unable to fulfill the patriarchal duty. It is a sad fact, but one that we are learning to live with.

Easter Wedding Plans

Anyway, I recently managed to find my dress for the wedding, and I am even more happy because it is a size smaller than I would normally wear. Clearly my new job as a dog walker is paying off, in more ways than one! My dress is from Wallis, purchased at a lovely old department store in Northwich, Cheshire, and it was an absolute bargain, having been reduced quite significantly for clearance. It is purple, and I will wear it with a pair of black shoes that I bought on sale in Dorothy Perkins. They have sparkly bows to add the bling factor, and I decided to finish the outfit with a fascinator, which is something I have never worn before. Our daughters have their “Designers at Debenhams” dresses hung in the wardrobe waiting, and they each have new white shoes for the wedding, and flowery headbands.

Do you have plans for the Easter holidays? Aside from the big wedding, we will be helping my in-laws to relocate as they move to our town and into a bungalow where they plan to spend their retirement. This will be a big transition for my mother-in-law, but a much needed one, and hopefully she will be able to spend more time with her grandchildren once she settles in her new home. My father-in-law doesn’t really know what is happening, but he always wanted to move closer to us, so we know he would be happy with the arrangement. I want to fit in a couple of day-trips with the children around all this activity, but first they need a rest after a very busy and hard-working Spring term at school. Roll on the holidays!

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