I Need More Eyedrops! #Spoonie

Last week I had to visit my doctor to review my repeat prescriptions for medication. All of them are treatments for severe Dry Eye Syndrome. I have three types of eyedrops available on prescription. None of them contain specific medicine, they are all a variation of artificial tears, but I cannot buy them over the counter in a pharmacy. I have to request them, and that is causing some frustration at the moment. For some unknown reason (as my doctor said), the eyedrop suppliers are struggling to meet demand. I never know when I will receive my prescription, and so I must plan as far in advance as I can, to ensure I don’t run out of eyedrops. But then, if I try and order too many repeat prescriptions in a short space of time, my doctors will withhold them on the understanding that I don’t need them at that time. It is becoming quite a problem, to be honest. My doctor increased the number of bottles on one of my prescriptions, which will hopefully ease my dilemma.

The only item I have control over is the overnight eye ointment that I use. I have to order this from my local pharmacy, but conveniently I can order it from Amazon, which has helped enormously when I run out during a weekend or public holiday. The amount of ointment and eyedrops I use varies depending on the severity of my dry eye and ingrowing eyelashes. The weather can affect my eyes, if I have a cold they are more sore and irritated, and if I am sleep deprived they can be painful. Well, they are painful almost all the time. I don’t really know how it feels to go a day without eye pain. But this issue with obtaining my prescriptions is an added stress that I just don’t need. I have tried all sorts of different eyedrops over the years, and discovered that I am allergic to preservatives, which is why I must have the more obscure products for my condition. General eye washes and refreshers just don’t work, they are too watery. I need my specific mix of Hyabak eyedrops that have a gel-like consistency and lubricate my dry eyes, and I use Minims artificial tears to refresh and soothe the burning pain. Does anyone else use eyedrops regularly? Do you have any recommendations or tips to help with severe Dry Eye Syndrome?

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