We Need to Support Spiritual Business

This week I finally completed my coursework requirements to receive my 2nd Degree Okuden reiki practitioner certificate. It means that I will very soon be formally able to practice reiki healing on clients as a business. I cannot do it yet because there are other factors involved, namely financing a business start-up. And that is where I begin my musing for today’s Witchy Wednesday blog post.

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When I first began to publish novels, I had a naïve assumption that my books would sell enough copies to support me financially as a freelance writer. I could sit at home spinning my wonderful yarns and be paid for the privilege. Of course, that never happened. Without any sort of professional business training, a severe lack of support in my local area, and very little freedom to leave the home due to childcare, I was stuck. I had to stumble around on the internet trying to find freelance writing jobs that would pay actual money in return for content. Most of my early sponsored blog posts came in return for product reviews or services, which was lovely but not sustainable. It will not feed and house my family. So where do I go? Who will pay for my work?

Mucmara magazine SpookyMrsGreen

I tried contacting magazines that specialise in mindfulness, spiritual health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, the big-name glossy magazines are guarded very closely and already seem to have a core team of journalists providing their content. I cannot get past the gatekeepers of this hierarchical industry. I tried smaller, independent magazines, and of course they were very happy to feature my articles, but they had no budget from which to pay. All they could offer was that dreaded word “exposure.” I have enough exposure from my own efforts at social media and networking. What I need now is a proper wage. But we all must start somewhere, and I do still selectively give away content for free, if I feel it is a worthwhile investment. Today I ask you to consider helping Mucmara – the magazine for the spirited. The team at Mucmara have been running a free online magazine for two years, and now want to publish a print copy for sale. They are running a crowdfunding campaign, and all they ask is as little as £1 to boost their project. If they can get this running properly, perhaps they can pay their writers (including me) at some point in the future. Click here to see their campaign and decide if you wish to help our cause. Thank you.

Witchy Wednesday SpookyMrsGreen

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