What’s Your Kink?

This weekend my husband and I will be child-free, and we cannot wait! Our date nights are few and far between, and it can take months to arrange a social event where we need babysitters and a dog sitter. Fortunately, we have family members that can help.

When you hear about a husband and wife enjoying a date night, you probably imagine them in a candlelit restaurant, gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes. That is the traditional, old-fashioned ideal for married people. Well, we are a more open-minded couple, and we like to play, if you catch my meaning. Do you like to play? Then you might like to explore My BDSM Hookups. That surprised you, didn’t it?

As the world begins to open up, the arena of adult dating is changing. With the growth of social media and dating websites, people can be more selective in the partners they seek. Some people don’t want romance and candlelit suppers. Some women and men simply want a casual fling and a bit of fun with somebody, whether that be someone of the same sex, opposite sex, or indifferent. Other people want a more intimate and specific relationship style. I am a dominant female in my sexual relationships. I do not submit. Read into that what you will… My husband is a more submissive partner, which of course suits our dynamic perfectly. His professional life is one of responsibility and people management, so when he comes home, he likes to hand over the control to his wife. And I am very happy to oblige!

It is always nice to meet other people from the kink community. It is a vast network, and easily accessible through specific online channels and websites. There literally is something for everyone, and you can find a partner that will happily fulfill your kinky preference. Are you a dominant male seeking a submissive female? Is Femdom your kink? Female domination of men is a growing relationship style, or rather, people are more relaxed about telling their stories.

Perhaps you like the sound of mistress dating. I’m sure all of these kinky games and relationships have been happening for many years, but now we can learn more through the internet and social media. Taboos are breaking down, and we feel more able to express ourselves and allow ourselves the intimate pleasure that we deserve. Whether you have a fetish for feet, you like to dress up in costumes and high heels, you yearn for the crack of a whip, or any other BDSM activity, you can find it on BDSM hook-ups. If you are new to the community and you want to learn more, then come along and ask. You will find many new friends that can show you the way, teach you how everything operates, and show you that the kinky lifestyle is fun, friendly and always consensual. Here is a space where you can play safely, with people that understand you.

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