Romance in the Real World

“I bet you are missing Liz now,” Karen said, looking vaguely around the shop, and smiling at me, “How is she doing, and the baby?”
“They are well, thank you,” I replied, “Yes I am missing her. It feels empty around here.”
Karen nodded.
“She has taken well to motherhood though,” she said, “I saw her in the supermarket last week, and she is the picture of health.”
“Oh, she loves Amy,” I said, “Although she is missing the shop as well.”
“And you, I suspect,” Karen added, winking conspiratorially, “No chance of a baby with you and your boyfriend any time soon then?”
I laughed, embarrassed, and shook my head as my body ran hot and trembled suddenly.
“Oh no,” I said, shaking my head vigorously and trying not to spill my coffee, “Not a chance. Jack is far too busy at work, and I have to keep this place going. Besides, we have only been together six months!”
Karen sipped her coffee and inclined her head towards the salon.
“It makes no difference Jessica,” she replied, “My Jenny has only been with Nick for a year and we are preparing for a wedding and a baby.”
I smiled and nodded. Karen’s daughter was twenty-two and worked at her mother’s hair salon. She was four months’ pregnant and her boyfriend had proposed soon after they had announced their new baby. I wasn’t sure if they actually loved each other, or if they were doing it to please the family. I think Nick worked as a builder, or a joiner, something like that. Everyone was normal and down-to-earth. Not like me.

Eye of the Tiger (A Redcliffe Novel)

Excerpt from Eye of the Tiger (A Redcliffe Novel) – life, love and supernatural adventures on the Cornish coast. Sink your teeth into the box set today!

#theredcliffenovels 2018 series

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