How to Find a Fun Relationship

Relationships are hard work. Humans are complicated. We are all unique, and we have our individual quirks of character and personality, yet so often we confine ourselves to very narrow avenues when seeking new friendships and life partners. I completely understand how tricky it is to meet new people. Yes, I met my husband when we were still teenagers, but ours was a match made of chance more than anything else. We still have to work very hard to keep our relationship healthy, and it has almost collapsed a few times. But that is part of the fun, in a weird sort of way. We learn to embrace both the good and the bad in our romance, as long as we come together in the end and feel happy with each other.

How to Find a Fun Relationship SpookyMrsGreen

Are you happy in your relationship? Are you seeking a new relationship? Maybe you find new friends and lovers using various dating websites and apps. I have many friends that use this process, and some of them have gone on to marriage and long-term partnerships. You could try a Suffolk dating site if you feel it has relevance or you fancy a change of scenery. Sometimes the best new relationships are formed over long distances, and then you can choose to come together in a whole new town or location. How exciting that must feel, to have the freedom to move about and try new places, meeting even more new people along the way. Because ultimately, we are a race of people that get bored easily. Our attention span can be very short, which I think sometimes helps explain why relationships break down. You can only maintain a healthy partnership with a lover if both of you understand how you want it to work and can make it work together. If one person grows bored of the other, it may be time to move on and find someone better.

The Christmas Party SpookyMrsGreen

As I mentioned before, there are dating sites in Suffolk where you can meet new and interesting people. We are fast approaching the Christmas party season, and if you work in a large or small company then you will have a group of people to celebrate with. What happens if you are a freelancer or you work from home? Then it might feel a bit isolating, when everyone else is going out and having fun, and you are left to party on your own, or with the aid of social media. Nothing beats a bit of physical human contact in such situations, I think. Then again, you could be an older person, perhaps you are retired, but you are not ready to give up your partying lifestyle. Maybe you are a divorcee trying to find your spark for life again. Well, you could try out a bit of senior dating, and you might well find another chance at love, with someone who is exciting, vibrant and totally ready to be with you. Go for it and enjoy your Christmas party season!

Free-for-All Friday SpookyMrsGreen

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