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Are you planning a wedding and need a photographer? Perhaps you are not getting married, but you want to do something a little bit different, a little bit indulgent, something to make you feel good? Then you would do well to consider employing the creative genius of Natalie Jolley Photography, based in Herefordshire. She is a fabulous lady (and I should know, we lived together at university!) Natalie will make you feel loved, appreciated and important, which is what we all need sometimes, I’m sure you will agree. Natalie Jolley Photography will do more than show your good side. She will bring you new concepts, new styles and backdrops, and tailor a photo shoot specifically for you. A great idea for Christmas and birthday gifts, don’t you think?

#JolleyPhotographer NEJ Photography

Image Credit NEJ Photography

Natalie Jolley Photography has done way more than wedding photos, bridal shoots and boudoir photography. She has worked with local businesses in the Hereford area to showcase their work and social events. She has worked with models to create wonderful book covers, which you can see in my portfolio. Natalie Jolley Photography is responsible for the book covers of Eye of the Tiger (A Redcliffe Novel) Book 4, Vampire of Blackpool, and Return of the Vampire Hunter. Take a look at Natalie’s blog to see examples of her recent photo shoots or search online for #JolleyPhotographer – especially on Instagram. I will be showcasing some of Natalie’s artistic photographs in my upcoming Halloween-themed blog posts for #WitchyWednesday. You can also see a few examples in older posts, especially when we celebrate the pagan festivals and turn of the wheel.

We all know that photographs and videos are very important in our social media activities. Most of the content shared on Facebook is video related, people read more Twitter posts that feature photographs or images, and of course, blog posts must be accompanied by eye-catching images if you are to attract readers and encourage interaction. I am still learning this process, and I am so glad to have the help of my good friend and resident photographer. She brings the visual creative genius to our partnership and helps me to complete my book projects when they languish on the computer as dreams and reams of text. I have a talent for words. I am not so creative when it comes to photographs and visual design. We all have our strengths, and we learn to work with what we have. Natalie Jolley Photography will help you to showcase your personal strengths with your very own bridal, boudoir or business photo shoot. The possibilities are endless!

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