Time to be Me

Today I can be me. Today I can step away from Mother and Wife, and I can be Catherine. Who is she? Who am I? A woman. A writer. A wife and mother. Someone who is still trying to find her way in this world, trying to “fit in” to something, although I am not sure exactly what that is. I adore my children, and I love my husband. They are a part of me, and he is my soulmate. We are blessed to be together, especially following the drama with our eldest daughter when she was ill earlier this year. And throughout the school summer holidays, we have enjoyed being a family in our new home. We have been away on holiday, had daytrips and been shopping. Now I need a break. My mum is taking over for a couple of days, and allowing me some precious time to meditate alone, to practise my reiki, and to do whatever I want to do that doesn’t involve nurturing, entertaining and wrangling children. Bliss!

Witchy Wednesday SpookyMrsGreen

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2 Responses to Time to be Me

  1. bone&silver says:

    Precious time indeed, and it actually nurtures everyone else as well anyway doesn’t it? 🙏🏼

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