A Reiki Healing Crisis

I am currently experiencing a healing crisis. This happened following my work with reiki energy healing, and the guidance of my teacher and my fellow students. The crisis is very personal, and it basically came about because I had a meltdown during our renovation work on the new house. It seems I had been bottling up my emotions for a very long time, despite telling myself that everything was under control. It clearly wasn’t. I enjoyed a beautiful reiki retreat day, and a few hours after I got home, I fell apart.

A Reiki Healing Crisis SpookyMrsGreen

Today I feel exhausted but better, if that makes sense. This needed to happen. I am still a mess of emotions, and I’m sure there is more to come. I have a lot of internal healing to do! But that is fine. Now I am better equipped to help myself, which is what reiki is intended for. I will simply leave the skilled workmen to do their job (installing better technology in our home to improve fuel efficiency), and I will do my job (self-healing, self-care and a little R&R). When that is done, I will be able to help other people with their own crises, as I have been doing all along. Namaste.

Witchy Wednesday SpookyMrsGreen

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