Finding Treasure in Our New Home

On the day of our house move I gave the removal men a few interesting items to pack. They were quite intrigued by my spirit board (or Ouija board), and one of them asked a few questions about how I use it to conduct seances and communicate with Spirit. I had forgotten to put it in a box, so they found it behind a pile of book boxes. It was made by my sister several years ago, and we haven’t used it for a long time. Perhaps when she visits again we will do a seance at my new house. Then there were the two small cauldrons that came with us. One is mine, and the other belongs to my sister, but I am storing it while she lives on a camper van. Finally, I unpacked my Tarot collection last week, and I look forward to setting up some readings in my new garden, playing with my old decks, and learning something new from my old teachers and guides. Namaste!

Witchy Wednesday SpookyMrsGreen

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