Crystal Healing Therapy

My first exploration of mindfulness and meditation involved the use of crystals for healing therapy. Many years ago, I wandered into a beautiful angel themed holistic shop in Looe, Cornwall, and I bought the Crystal Bible by Judy Hall. I had previously bought a crystal healing starter set that included seven tumblestones to represent the main chakra points in the human body. These are believed to be the energy centres from which we operate on a subconscious level, and during meditation, we open our chakras and allow the energy to flow for healing and empowerment.

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Over the years, I have collected many different crystals and worked with them all during meditations and spell working. I love the unique abrasions and inclusions on each rough piece, and the tactile nature of a chunk of crystal. Tumblestones are small, highly polished crystal pieces, and these are useful to wear inside crystal cages on jewellery, or to carry about your person. You can easily slip a tumblestone into your pocket or purse and use it as a talisman. I have used them in the past when attending job interviews, meetings at the bank, challenging days at work, and during pregnancy.

Strength from Crystals NEJ Photography SpookyMrsGreen

Image Credit – NEJ Photography

If you are just starting out with crystal therapy, and you don’t really know where to start, I recommend that you read the Crystal Bible as mentioned above. This was crucial to my early studies, and I have gone on to collect subsequent books in the series, to help identify new crystals. The power of a crystal comes from its internal network. It is made up of mineral deposits and natural chemicals and grows over many hundreds and even thousands of years. Crystals are believed to conduct energy much like an electromagnetic field, and we believe that they connect with the human aura, and the internal chakras, so that we can work with them to heal our bodies and our minds when needed. I am still learning about these wonderful, natural tools, and I continue to collect beautiful pieces. I am a magpie at heart and cannot resist something shiny and colourful!

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1 Response to Crystal Healing Therapy

  1. Gail Gentry says:

    Great article! I use them myself along with essential oils during meditation. Thanks for the link to the book. I’ve downloaded it. It’ll be nice to have it handy as a quick reference to each stone’s property and the energy it carries.. 🙂

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