Bad Customer Service Makes Me Angry!

I recently wrote a blog post where I raved about my new reiki therapy bed. I still love the bed. I am not so keen on the company that sold me the bed via Amazon. Do you want to hear the story of my bad customer service experience? Here we go:

The massage therapy bed is lovely. It is good quality, and an item that I want to care for and use for a very long time. It came with a carry bag that is completely unfit for purpose. The carry bag is flimsy, and features one long shoulder strap, and one short handle that you are supposed to be able to lift the bed with in order to transport it.


That did not work for me. On my first visit to a client, the long strap came loose and made a hole in the carry bag, and as I lifted the bed to put it in my car, the short strap broke clean away. I emailed the seller, via Amazon, to request a new carry case. I asked if they could offer a more sturdy alternative, and that I would be prepared to order one separately if they could offer a discount as a gesture of goodwill.

Not a chance! After several emails back and forth, and a long-winded process of me sending them photos (which you can see in this post), they came back with a very patronizing and unprofessional response, basically accusing me of not carrying the bed properly. I’m not sure how I could carry it incorrectly, but I watched their instructional video, just to be sure. I did exactly what the man in the video did, and my carry bag broke. How is that my fault?


At the time of writing this post I am really angry with the terrible customer service I received. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth, and I have now lodged a claim with Amazon because I believe I deserve an apology. In the meantime, I will have to find a new carry bag elsewhere at my own expense, and until I buy one, I cannot take my therapy bed out of the house. Not a happy customer!

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4 Responses to Bad Customer Service Makes Me Angry!

  1. scskillman says:

    I agree with you. I hate bad customer service too and if you can leave a review on the selling site and make it clear to other potential customers that this company is dealing badly with their customers, then that will have its own consequences. I must admit our current climate of constantly being badgered for feedback does tend to annoy me, but no seller nowadays can afford to ignore the power of customers’ feedback on a public forum. Witness the power of Trip Adviser, by the way!… everybody in the hotel/catering/travel industry knows they are at the mercy of Trip Adviser reviews!

  2. You need to name and shame either here on their website. and if they have a Twitter Account have a go there too! Positively hate bad customer service.

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