Improve Your Home with Bifold Doors

Our house is not selling. Apparently the market is quiet, and we must be patient until the right buyer comes along. That leaves me with a dilemma. Our home is too small for our growing family, and I feel the need to do something about it. But what can I do? Is it worth spending money on the house, making some home improvements, and potentially selling it for a better price? I cannot decide.


One possibility I am considering is bifold doors ( I have seen these featured on the home lifestyle TV shows that I watch, and I see them advertised on TV as well. They look lovely, and they allow lots of natural light to flood into your home. We could potentially remodel the back part of our house, maybe remove the old, wooden window in the dining room, and replace it with a narrow bifold door that leads out onto the patio. We could even consider extending out to the length of our kitchen, and match up the garden and the interior living space. That would make it feel larger, brighter, and more modern. Perhaps it would lift the house overall, because at the moment it feels old and tired.

Aside from the bifold doors idea, we have previously looked into replacing the windows in our home. Although they are modern style UPVC windows, we don’t know how old they are, and we do recognise that they can be drafty in the winter. They need replacing at some point, but it is another one of those jobs where we would need a reputable, reliable windows company. Three Counties Windows seem a possibility. They feature some positive testimonials on their website, they have teams of sales people and qualified window fitters in all the relevant places, and they offer a decent selection of styles and designs. I especially like their sash window range, because I feel that would look nicer in our Victorian house. It would return an air of grandeur to it that has been lost over the years, and would make us feel a lot more proud of our quaint little family home.

Of course, it is not just bifold doors and new windows that we could consider as an improvement to our home. While these items would add value, style and warmth to the property, we could also look at further additions. How about a small conservatory at the back of the house? This would solve some of the problems we have with storage, and would give us an extra reception room that is sorely needed. It could be a nice, bright, airy playroom for the children. It could be a space for me to practice reiki and do treatments for my clients. It could be an oasis of calm after a busy day at work. So many possibilities!

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