Back to School and Settling In

We have completed our first week back at school, and what a busy one it was! My children came home exhausted on Friday afternoon, but both were happy with their new teachers and to see their classmates again. My youngest daughter had an extra special treat when she was given the class mascot, Terry the T-Rex, to stay with us for the weekend. She was very pleased! Terry ate his meals with my girls, we took him to the local Roman festival where he helped the girls to make clay pots, and we took him to a birthday party where he saw his friend, Amy the Apatosaurus, from the other reception class. Cute!


Terry helped us to shop in Tesco

I realised that now it is time to get busy again. Not only do I have reading diaries for both of my girls, but I have 2 activity books to work through each week, my elder daughter has a spellings book, and my younger daughter will be learning to read. I had to order a new printer from Amazon Prime on Friday, because we hadn’t quite got round to sorting it during the summer holidays. Whoops! It arrived on Saturday and we were able to print Terry’s photos from the weekend and put them into his scrapbook so that my daughter could share them with her friends.

HP Printer Amazon

And so begins a new chapter in our lives. My girls are growing up and learning even more new things. I now have more free time during the week days to devote to my Reiki studies, self-care, and of course, my writing. It feels good to have some space again if I am honest. I love my daughters far more than words can describe, but I also value my time. Now I can use my time to be productive in ways that leave me fulfilled, so that I can better care for my girls when they are at home. Have a lovely week, my friends!

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