The Changing Nature of Buying Houses

My parents raised me with the belief that I should never accept full price when buying a big-ticket item – a new television, a car, a kitchen, a house. For the past four months, my husband and I have viewed several houses while we wait for someone to buy ours, all the while confident that we might receive an offer soon. Yes, we will probably only break even on the original price we paid for our property, but that is simply how it is these days. We cannot be choosy.

7 Dane Street Kitchen SpookyMrsGreen


I am surprised that we haven’t yet received a single offer on our house. Not one sniff of interest. The feedback varied from “we don’t like the neighbourhood,” to “it’s a good size, but it needs decorating.” I was very cross about that last point. We know it needs decorating. We also know that the effort of packing up and moving out all our furniture, disturbing the children, and paying out for storage, paint, and possible plastering, is not really something we can manage right now. That is why we would accept a lower offer from a buyer, to account for this additional need.

7 Dane Street House SpookyMrsGreen


We recently had a talk with a local estate agent while we were viewing a house. I mentioned my surprise that we hadn’t yet received an offer. My belief was that we start low and build it up from there, which is what my husband and I were planning to do when we put an offer on another house. Apparently, they don’t do it that way anymore. It seems that house buyers have lost the ability to barter. They simply see the market price, and go for it if they can afford. Does that ring true for you, my house buying friends?

7 Dane Street Garden SpookyMrsGreen


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2 Responses to The Changing Nature of Buying Houses

  1. e1aine says:

    Many years ago I sold a house. After quite some time of no offers at all I got pregnant and a bit desperate. I painted the entire house magnolia and laid incredibly cheap new carpets – it felt like an incredibly risky waste of money but I was told not to assume buyers have imagination and that I have to offer a blank canvas or an ‘aspirational lifestyle’. Blank canvas was cheaper!

    The next viewer bought and completely redecorated. Apparently lack of imagination was the problem. No promises but this worked for me. If you can afford to of course, a bit of paint and removing your personality might do it?

    • That has been suggested, but we simply don’t have the cash to do it, or the means to store all our furniture and possessions while the job is done. My husband’s anxiety does not help either, as I’m sure you can imagine. I simply cannot fathom a way around it by myself, with young children and a dog in a small space. I am holding out for our dream buyer, someone who can see the building, not the decoration…

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